Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast Out

It's Saturday again and I am glad.  Most days my work at the library seems like an ordeal. I will continue as long as I can though so I can get my car paid off early.  This morning my hands are still sore and swollen. I can no longer get my ring off even with soaped up hands.

I will pick Bob up in about an hour and we will have breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. They have a fine breakfast buffet. At this point I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day.

Missy is waiting patiently for an opportunity to go outside. I make her wait until daylight and we are just now at that point.

I received a letter yesterday from the property manager. The rest of the four of us did as well. It is a six month lease agreement with all sorts of regulations in it. We didn't have a lease with Wayne as owner. We just rented from month to month. He didn't even require a deposit. One good thing about this agreement is that we are given the information that we can pay our rent here in town where the bank is located that holds the trust. We have been sending our rent to Independence to the property manager.  Now that the mail is so undependable it sometimes takes almost week for the rent to arrive there and Independence is twelve miles north of here. So now I will pay locally. The property manager also holds our checks to deposit until the middle of the month. That holds up or makes balancing the checkbook later in the month. Now the bank will immediately deposit it and that will be a good thing.  She also says we are responsible for replacing any broken windows. The only thing that would break a window here would be the mower she hires to mow. We should not be responsible for any repairs we have not caused.

The one thing I really resent is the clause where it says NO PETS. I wrote on the lease agreement that 12 year old Missy was grandfathered in. I do not intend to give her up. I have not yet sent the lease agreement back to the property manager. What a mess! I also mow every other week because these new owners will only mow every other week and I do not want the grass to be so high before it is mowed. I don't know if I can still mow after it gets really hot.

I would move if there was another suitable place with a carport and enough room for my furniture.  And moving is very expensive. I bought all my own Roman blinds when I moved here because Wayne had long drapes at the windows and I knew that would not work out with a cat in the house.  Besides, I like Roman blinds. I also brought my own refrigerator and range and bought a microwave that is mounted above the range. I put an extra cabinet in the bathroom above the commode for storage. So I have quite an investment here.

More later....

Well, I talked to Betty who actually administers the trust and she said to just disregard the letter. We are not included in it but legally, it had to be sent to all the renters that they have to avoid charges of discrimination. Nothing changes for the four of us.   I will need to talk to Marilyn and Jeannie and tell then what Betty said.  Missy is also grandfathered in so I don't need to worry about her either.

Bob and I went to Bartlesville this afternoon and all I bought was Leslie's birthday gift. That woman is practically impossible to buy for anymore. If she wants something, she just buys it herself. I bought her a gift card. That's something I know she can use.

Bob will be over this evening to watch the news and have wine. I bought some more Roscotto.

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