Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday At Last

I got up at 4:45 this morning. I am having some trouble staying asleep any more. I had a cup of coffee when I came into the kitchen and later this morning at 7:25 will pick up Bob for breakfast. Missy is wanting to go outside so before long, at 6:30, I will go out on the carport with her. She's  beginning to be a pest about wanting to go out but I feel sorry for her to be stuck in the house for the rest of her life after she had had the run of the neighborhood over on Catalina.  She is just too vulnerable at 12 years old in this neighborhood.  There are two rather aggressive cats black one and one that looks a lot like her.

I hope Keith finds the time today to call me back. I want to visit with him. When he called yesterday morning, I was over in the children's department scanning bar codes.  Then when he called back last night, I was sound asleep. Scott told me he was working some horrendous hours trying to plug holes in the government's site so the Chinese cannot access all sorts of personal information of citizens.

More's 6:30 and time to take Missy out....

Well, I took Missy out but she only stayed out 15 minutes. Something troubled her and she wanted back in. She's there in my chair now and has been all morning.

Bob and I went to breakfast. Then I took him home. He had walked over. We had a very good breakfast buffet at Sirloin Stockade.  After I took him home, he was going to go out and check on Denise. She is still recuperating from her recent surgery. She did come out cancer free when she finally got the pathology report.

I have been reading a new book I downloaded from Amazon called Lost Apostles.  It is about the early days of our church and some of the leading members they lost at that time. I am determined not to go anywhere today but to just take it easy.  I do want to bake some cookies and if I'm going to do that, I'd better get in there and start.

Later I may go over to the Country Time Antique Mall and browse around.

More later...

I got my cookies baked.  Bob dropped in after he got back from Denise's.  After she got home from Leslie's last Saturday, she began bleeding from her incision and Dee took her back to the emergency room. She saw a doctor who  referred her back to Dr. Miller for Monday. On Monday he said if her incision didn't heal correctly, he might have to go back in there and put in staples. So, she will wait and see.

I did some browsing around at the Antique malls and didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  I'll get back to this later.

Bob came over and watched the news and then went home fairly early. Keith called and said he was rushing home to take Esther to the emergency room. She had some sort of intestinal blockage. He asked for prayers.  

I got to bed fairly early and awoke in the night concerned about Esther. I couldn't get back to sleep until I prayed for her and also for Keith, who was so alarmed. Suddenly I had a feeling of peace and I was able to get back to sleep. I turned it over to God. 

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