Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept well last night even though I went to bed at 8:30. I got up about 4:45.  I had forgotten to take the trash over across the road. I did that as soon as I had my breakfast of banana nut bread and a banana.  Missy wanted to go out but it was dark outside and I would not let her out. In another thirty minutes I will take her out.  She loves being outside. It's supposed to rain today and the rest of the week so she may not be as comfortable with being outside.

Bob and I will go to Independence this morning so I can get my hair done and he can go to their Wal Mart. He wants to see if he can find a folding lawn chair.  I want to get a few groceries myself. I went to Country Mart to get potatoes over the weekend but all they had was ten pound bags and I want a five pound bag. So I will get it at their Wal Mart while we are out there. Then we will go to Big Cheese and each have a mini pizza.

When we get home I will go to work. Lord only knows what I will do there now that Katie is back.

More later....

I put away three  double decker basketfuls of DVDs first...a huge job. Then I shelved 25 or 30 new fiction books and filed newspapers. Then at 3:00, Katie had me scan bar codes in the children's department. It was down on my knees or sit on the floor. Finally, I asked Cindy if she had a ruler and she gave me one to use as a marker. Some of these children's books are very thin and it is almost impossible for me to keep track of where I took one out. The ruler helped a lot. I finished the other side of the bookcase I started last week. It took me an hour but an hour was all my legs and knees could stand. When I got home I was very tired.

Bob came over after that for wine and to watch the news and American Experience. He couldn't make it past 7:30 and went home.  I took my bath and put my PJs on and tried to get Missy to come in and keep me company.

She was angry that I wouldn't let her back out on the carport.  I went out to get my newspaper and she was going to go out too. I told her "back" several times but she would not get back so I just took her and turned her around and gave her a gentle shove away from the door. She spit and growled to me and pouted the rest of the evening. Finally after I sat in the recliner and called "sweetly" to her several times, she deigned to come get into my lap. I watched all of American Experience and then went on to bed. She soon followed me.

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