Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Again

It's Sunday again and I preside at church again this morning.  Luckily Bob and I went out there yesterday and I ran off the bulletins and some church school material for the class. He took the mower out there and put it in the shed at the church. He and Phyllis had bought it and donated it to the church for the trimming while the members were doing the mowing.  Nowadays we pay a man to mow for us. It's just too big a job for us old people.

We had a real good time and a great meal out at John and Leslie's last night. John grilled chicken, I took my potato salad, Cyndi brought a good salad, and Leslie had made homemade ice cream. Dee and Denise did come. Dee drove. Denise isn't supposed to be driving yet. I did get sick after dinner  and have diarrhea though. I had some more when I got home but then took a dose of Pepto Bismo and that seemed to stop it. I awoke early this morning sweating so I guess some fever broke. I am a little weak feeling but otherwise fine this morning.

I worked on my sermon for the 19th yesterday. I didn't get much done though. The theme is Pursue Peace and it should be a great theme. I will work on it some more this week. We dismissed services for next Sunday and hope everyone goes over to the reunion grounds at Racine, Missouri, for the services there and to spend the day. I will make up a sign for the door at church.

I don't know where our group will eat after church but I hope it's not Mexican. I don't think my stomach is up to that today. I think I will make hamburger pie for tomorrow's lunch. I have salad from Leslie's dinner and hamburger pie has green beans in it.  That will be an easy meal. I will have some more pears and cookies for dessert.

Missy wants to go out and it is getting light so I will fix another cup of coffee and take her out for awhile.  She loves to go out and listen to the birds.

More later...

I sat out with Missy off and on for an hour and a half. She was real good this time and stayed close to home.

We did eat at El Pueblo after least seven of us did. I tried to be conservative and so far I feel fine. 

I got my congregational newsletters finished and out on the mailbox. Now I am sitting down listening to the music on the TV....relaxing. It's 2:30 in the afternoon.  It's too hot to take Missy out. She would want right back in.

I am doing a small load of laundry right now so will need to listen for the alarm when it finishes.

Bob will be over at 6:00 to watch 60 Minutes with me.  I know it will just be a rerun.

I need to go out and water my flowers. I was expecting rain today and it didn't develop. Back later.....
 They were really parched so I gave them all a god watering. I really expected rain today. This is the above the ground bed my son-in-law, John made for me.

This is the one I built last year against the apartment building.

And these are the pots I put together the first spring I moved here. This is the third summer I have had them. In February it will be four years I have lived here.

The 13th of July, our new Brahms ice cream store is due to open. They tore down the old one last winter and were supposed to have the new one finished March 1st. Well this is July 5th and they are finally getting it finished. I won't be going right away. They will be swamped!

More later....


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Margie, I really enjoy reading your daily journal of life's happenings... Sorry you got sick at your stomach yesterday---and hope you are feeling better today.

We didn't do anything much for the 4th. We've had a lot of rain in our area this week (over 6 inches) --but we really needed it. I am glad that the rain was light yesterday (off and on) --so it didn't stop all of the holiday festivities in our area..

We did cook some BBQ grilled chicken and had some fresh tomatoes and fresh corn on the cob for dinner.. That's a big celebration for us!!!! ha

Have a great day --and feel better.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Do you know that I've never had homemade ice cream in my life!! :) hope that you have a good day today :)

Margie's Musings said...

Oh Deb! You have really missed something! Nothing is better then real homemade ice cream made with half and half and real milk.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for dropping by, Betsy! I read your blog every day too.

Sister--Three said...

Does not seem like you have been there four years!! Flowers brighten up a place for for sure!

Margie's Musings said...

It won't be four years until February, Sister-Three.