Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday and Chili

It's in the 60's this morning and it's raining cats and dogs.   It began raining seriously in the night. I finally got up at 4:30 and dressed and had my breakfast. I had a banana and some more of Bob's banana nut bread with my coffee. Missy wants to go out but it's just 5:30 now and we have to wait until daylight.

I dread work again today. I probably will be scanning bar codes in the children's department again. Also with this rain, many people came in to take home DVDs yesterday and they will be bringing some of those back too. I have no idea what awaits me at work today. I am still considering quitting the job. It is so stressful and my knees are hurt from kneeling on them putting away DVDs on the bottom shelves and books on the shelves in the children's department and also my hands swell from pulling the new fiction out of the shelves to make room for more even newer ones. I am too old to be getting down on the floor that way. Getting down is not that hard but getting back up is the hard part.

We will have chili today since the weather has cooled down to 65 degrees. Then tomorrow we will finish up our  hamburger pie from Monday. We ate at Big Cheese in Independence yesterday after my hair appointment and our trip to Wal Mart there.

Missy is lying beside my chair and patiently waiting now for daylight. She wants to go outside.

More later....

Well, she went out but was disappointed to find that it was raining. She wanted back in. I took her out twice but she was not happy about the rain and came back in. She's in my chair now sleeping.  I have the chili on for lunch. It is in the slow cooker.

Bob came over for awhile before going home to get ready for exercise class. I have decided I get enough exercise at work and do not want to go anymore. It's too noisy. I get enough noise at work too.

I called to see what the balance is on my car loan.  I will take that information to First Federal and see if they can beat the interest rate.

More later...

Well, because of the age of my car, First Federal had the same interest rate so I will stay where I am, I guess.  I owe nearly $4,000 on it so I will try to continue doubling the payments until my program expires on September 30 2016. Then I may use some of my savings to pay it off if it's not paid off by then. I'll play it my ear.

I worked this afternoon first at putting away hundreds of DVDs and then and once again had to scan bar codes in the children's department. I only scanned one hour.  After that, my knees began bothering me.  I went back into the adult library and did some more work there.  I certainly don't want to damage my knees.

After work, Bob came over to read the paper and watch the news. He left shorty after 7:00 and I did my usual....took my bath, put my pjs on and watched TV from the recliner with Missy on my lap.
I fell asleep in the recliner so I just went to bed.

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