Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday and a Continuing Rummage Sale

Leslie will be out to the church at 7:00 this morning so this will be another long day. I will leave shortly to be there too. Karan brought the money to me after 3:30 yesterday afternoon.  We have over $330. so far by the time I subtracted the $82 we started with for our change.  Becky still owes $25. so that will be added in after today too.

I did not sleep well last night. I had another rash of those foot and leg cramps. They were excruciating. I finally got up and let two of those pills dissolve under my tongue. An hour later they began again so I got up to put two more under my tongue.  Finally I got back to sleep until 4:45. Then I got up. I was afraid I would oversleep if I lie there any longer.

Now I've had my biscuit for breakfast...with orange juice and my last banana.... and a cup of coffee.

Missy is waiting patiently to go out on the carport but I don't think I will have time to do that this morning if I want to be out to church at 7:00.  It's still dark out there and I don't take her out in the dark.

More later.....

I got out to the church shortly before 7:00 and Leslie came soon afterward.  It was almost 9:00 before people began coming though. We worked all day...Off and on folks would come but not as steady as yesterday. By 4:00 we had made as much as we did yesterday anyhow so we ended up with a little over $640.00 for the two days work. That will be a welcome addition to our fund to help the low income folks we work with.  We have learned of a 16 year old who has become pregnant and chooses to keep the baby. We will give her a baby shower in October since her baby is due in December and have our Samaritan Child shoe box party in November.  In December we will adopt a family through the Salvation Army and buy Christmas gifts for the children and provide the makings for Christmas dinner for the family.

When the sale was over there were six of us to pack everything up and get it taken to the Church of Christ where they have a storage building they keep unlocked so people can leave their donations. Then we met at Braums and had hamburgers and milkshakes We were all very hungry. I may sleep better tonight. I am really tired.

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