Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday and Another Breakfast Out

I will pick up Bob at 7:20 this morning to go to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast.

I slept really well last night. Staying up later helps me to sleep better. Missy slept part of the night in the recliner. Once I woke up to go to the bathroom and realized she was not on the bed. I took my little flashlight and went looking for her. She was in the recliner. So I went back to bed and left her there. In a little while, she came back to bed. We slept until after 5:00.

It 25 degrees this morning so I turned the furnace up to be comfortable. It's supposed to get up to 45 degrees today.

I will fix the leftover meatloaf for our lunch today and we will have more baked potatoes and veggies. Bob will bring another salad.  I have brownies for dessert with a little bit of butter brickle ice cream. I want to get that carton out of the freezer. Leslie is supposed to bring me ground beef tomorrow at church.

I really need to get to the market today. We will also have cakes to bake and ice on Monday and take to Independence on Tuesday. I also need eggs. 

Besides Bobby's health problems, Laura, from church, contacted me Thursday about Mike, her husband. He was in Joplin at Freeman Heart Hospital and was going to have bypass surgery on Friday. I sent out an e-mail to the congregation for prayers. His surgery was yesterday and I heard from Laura again this morning, Mike's surgery went well and he was in CCU.  He had four bypasses that had been 90% closed. He is doing well. Later in the week I want to get over to Joplin to see him.  As soon as Laura says it's o.k. I will see if Bob wants to go with me.

More later.....By the way, isn't this the cutest face ever? This is a Corgi that needs a home. How about one of you?

More later again....

We had a good filling breakfast and will eat lunch late. I took Bob home afterward. I guess I will stay in until afternoon when it warms up to 45.  I still have my book to read.

More even later....

This is my son and daughter-in-law's new home going up. They now have the roof on it.

 Isn't that going to be lovely?

I called Bob and took him to Walmart with me before lunch.   Then we came home and I finished my book. It was "An Innocent Man" by John Grisham. It was his one non fiction book about Ada, Oklahoma and a terrible injustice that occurred there in the 1990's.  A young man was wrongly convicted of a murder and it took 12 years and an Innocence Project hearing to get him exonerated and released. A very interesting book!

Bob decided not to get out in the cold again so I took my bath at 6:00 and Missy and I sat in the recliner all evening and watched  "Forensic Files" and "48 Hours".  I fell asleep halfway through the evening and finally just went to bed at 9:00.


Sister--Three said...

The home is one you dream about!

Margie's Musings said...

Oh yes! I will visit but not live there.