Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday and a Busy Day

This is going to be a huge day and I didn't sleep worth a darn last night for thinking about it. I finally took a Benedril tablet and got some sleep. I am dead headed today though.  Benedril does that.

First, we are having a business meeting before church this morning. I am congregational secretary and will be taking notes. I don't hear well out of my right ear and that's always a challenge. After church, we will all eat out somewhere. Then about 2:30, I will go to the Church of God in Christ for the Martin Luther King services. I am to do the offertory remarks and prayer in that service. I have no idea how long the service will be. Some of those services go on for a long time.

Tonight we will not hold the Living the Questions group. We will have it Thursday evening instead and it will be here at my apartment. I will need to fix a dessert for that and I don't know how many to fix for. I know Howard and Judy will be here. But how many of the others, I don't know.

I checked my son's facebook site this morning and the contractor has done some more work on their new home. Here is the latest development.

More later....

I have had my breakfast and read the paper and even got the crossword puzzle done.  Bob has his coffeecake in the oven and it will be out shortly. I told him he could bring it over here afterward if he wanted to and I would ice it for him.  It doesn't really need an icing though and that would require him to get his windshields scraped. It is very cold this morning.  I will offer to drive since my windshield is protected by the carport. I took yesterday's paper over to Marilyn R's mailbox and it is very cold out there It's 21 degrees right now.

More even later...

Everything worked out beautifully! The business meeting and service went well at my church and the Martin Luther King service at the Church of God in Christ  was wonderful! I came home to do my letters and type up the minutes of the business meeting.

It was very cold so Bob did not come over to watch the game. I watched it with Missy.  Then we watched the Democrat debate until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I went to bed at 9:30.

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