Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept really well last night. Of course, in the middle of the night I took a Benedril tablet. I woke up at 5:15 and stripped the bed. I will wash the sheets later this morning after Jeannie has a chance to wake up in the next apartment.

Today I will go to exercise class and afterward go pick up the cake mixes and pans Karan wants to send to Marilyn R, my neighbor. Marilyn will be baking Karan's cakes until Bobby is gone. No one knows how long that will be. He is worse but still is getting around.  He seldom speaks and does repetitive things constantly. Pat, their neighbor, brought him a Slinky and a Rubick's cube. He messes with them constantly.  He is incontinent now and wears Depends. She washes the sheets on their bed several times a week. It's a stressful time for her. She seems to be holding up though. I am to go over to stay with Bobby while she attends her Spirit Sisters meeting this month. His brother from South Coffeyville also comes once a week to stay with him so Karan can go to the market.

We had ten at the Living the Question group meeting last night. Everyone seemed to have a good visit after we watched the video.

I came home after taking Gary and Bob home and took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner and watched TV until 10:30. Then we went to bed.

I will make up my meatloaf and set it in the frig this morning before exercise class. We will have potatoes and veggies with Bob's salad today. I have some apple brown betty for dessert.  This afternoon I will bake my cake for the Christian Church in Independence tomorrow and later I will ice it.

Betty's nephew never came to clean up the leaves mess yesterday. I texted her to tell her and she said a couple of people would be here today to do it. We will see.

More later....

Lunch was good today and I took half the meatloaf to Karan and Bobby for their lunch.  I worked all afternoon on the house and also got the bulletin ready for Sunday. Then I went to get some money from the bank for tomorrow. I will take the cakes up to Independence in the morning and the get my hair done. Bob will take my car and take me to Juanita's to balance her checkbook for her. He will go visit Betty while I'm doing that and when we are both finished, we will  go out to Great China for lunch.

After lunch Betty's niece and her husband came and bagged up all the leaves. I am so delighted!  I called the trash people and they will be by on Friday to gather up those 20 bags of leaves.

I will stay home tonight with poor Missy. Tomorrow I will also do the invocation for the City Commission meeting at 6:30 and stay for the meeting too so she will be alone all evening as well as all morning. I will stay home with her in the afternoon. Tomorrow she will not be a happy kitty!

More later....

After Bob left, I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner until 9:00.  Then we went to bed.


Sister--Three said...

So glad you are there to support Karan! May our Lord strengthen he.

Sister--Three said...


Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three! I will tell her.