Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast at Sirloin Stockade

I slept until after 5:00 this morning and had a good night's sleep. I got myself ready for the day and picked up Bob for breakfast out at 7:20.

We had a good breakfast and I then took Bob home. I am full enough that I can't even think about lunch/dinner right now.

Super Tuesday down south is this next Tuesday. It will be interesting to see the outcome. Trump will probably win for the Republicans.  That's astounding! Anyone who votes for him is obviously  not well informed. People really need to do their homework and vote with their brains and not their emotions. The man is an obvious nutcase. Lord only knows what kind of trouble he would get the country into. He listens to no one so wouldn't pay any attention to any advisers.  He knows next to nothing about the way government runs. He will run into the same brick wall the president has...not because of skin color but because of his ignorance.  We will see. Maybe Hillary or Sanders can beat him....whichever one gets the Democrat nomination.

I am also concerned about Sanders because if elected, he would be the oldest elected president ever. He also would want to try to change us from a Democracy to a Socialist country. I don’t think he could ever get that change by Congress. …not this Congress.

What a lineup of losers we have this year. The Republicans have spent most of their time dissing one another instead of discussing policy.

I hope voters will study the issues and the stands of these candidates on them before they cast their vote. And I hope they check all the “facts” they share on This site is run by a Pulitzer Prize winning group. They’ve earned it by checking the statements of the candidates for truth.

More false statements by Trump:

More later...

Bob came over this afternoon and  did some laundry. Then we went over to Braums and had a hamburger and small milkshake.

He stayed for the news and then left  to go home. Now I will take my bath and do the rest of the regular routine.

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