Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday and Game Day

This morning I will make my lemon bars and then go to exercise class. Bob and I will attend the Lenten Luncheon at the First Baptist Church here at noon. The speakers will be members of various churches instead of pastors. That's the way it all began years ago. Then I will go to the senior center for game day. It will be a busy day.

I like to be busy though.

I slept fairly well last night. I did get up at 4:00 AM though. I must have got my sleep out.

I have been reading my facebook page and am astounded by the comments of Trump for president backers.  There is a lot of animosity out there and a lot of lies circulating.  This is one of the worst political seasons in my memory.  The Democrats seem to be more civil toward one another. I say that as a registered Republican.  Of course, I always vote for the person...not the party. The roster of Republican candidates is really bad. Trump is the worst. I can't imagine a Trump president. He is so hostile and makes very controversial statements.  He would alienate the Hispanics and the blacks as well as the gays and women. And he could never work with our allies. The others are just about as bad.

I intend to vote for Hillary. She has the experience and is very intelligent. There are lots and lots of lies circulating about her. If folks would consult the site they could check out everyone's statements. For instance, Trump said this:

More later....I'd better get those lemon bars baked.

O.k., the bars are out of the oven and now I need to get my sweater and get to exercises.

More later....

Another idea for my son and  daughter-in-laws new home:

 I will get back to this later. It's nearly time for the Lenten Luncheon.

Another of their ideas!


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