Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday and Apartment Cleaning

I had a rough night. Around midnight I got up to go to the bathroom and Missy followed me in there. When I started to go back to bed, Missy reached out and scratched me on the foot. I ran her into the living room and scolded and swatted her. Then I went back to bed. Later, after a decent interval, she came on back to bed. When I had dressed this morning and come into the kitchen, I realized that not only was her food bowl completely empty but she had no water.  That may have been her bid for attention last night. I filled both bowls and she seems tranquil now. Poor kitty. She can't tell me what she needs so she gets my attention the best way she can.

I don't think I'm going to exercises this morning. I have quite a bit to do. Besides cleaning the apartment, I need to go to the bank and get my password reset. I must have put an old password in when I was setting up the new computer on Saturday. Now I am locked out. I will need to find out what I need to do to get it accessible again. Then I have a package to mail off at the post office. I am returning a table cloth I had ordered. I thought I had ordered a brown one and I received a taupe one. I already had taupe. So I got permission to return it and I am hoping they will send me the correct one. Then this afternoon, I have a 3:00 doctor's appointment. I was supposed to follow up with my family doctor after I finished my antibiotic last week. I couldn't get an appointment last week and 3:00 this afternoon is as soon as I could get in.

I think we will have tuna cakes and fried potatoes with a salad and a veggie for lunch. I still have cupcakes for dessert. Tomorrow I will have my hair cut and done. Bob will go along and visit his sister, Betty. Afterward, we will have a mini pizza at Big Cheese.

More later....

I got the mess at the bank cleared up and am now back online there.  I mailed off my package and stopped by Genesis to take them some plastic bags. They distribute food to low income folks. They can always use plastic bags and I don't want to throw them away when they can be re-used.

I also got the apartment cleaned and the table set for lunch.

More even later...

Lunch went fine. Afterward I took Missy out in the sunshine and she had a great time eating grass and lying in the grass. That cat loves being outside.

I got to my doctor's appointment fifteen minutes early but had to wait 45 minutes to get into a room and then another 30 minutes in the room waiting for the doctor. That's why I usually get a 9:00 appointment.  They overbook. I know they overbook and so do they. I had to wait a week to get in to see him even at that.

All my tests came back great! I do have some deterioration in my lower spine but as I told him, I never have any pain there. Years ago, before Scott was even born, I was horsing around in the living room showing off for friends. Bob was sitting on an ottoman and I put my foot against his back to shove him off it. Well, instead,I fell over backward and hit my lower spine on the metal strip that held the carpet  down at the edge. I had excruciating pain! Later, I couldn't sleep in the bed and so I slept on the floor. In the morning Bob carried me into the back seat of the car and we went to the emergency room.  X-rays showed two cracked vertebra.  The doctor said I would be three months healing and would always have some back pain. I couldn't sit. If I sat, the cracks opened up and gave me really terrible pain.  So everywhere I went, I ended up either standing or lying down....even at church, I stood in the back of the sanctuary.  Well it wasn't three months healing. It was six weeks. And I've never had back pain. That's been over 55 years ago.

I also have diverticulosis and that tends to give me heartburn. I figured I had developed it when I began to have heartburn from time to time.  Tums seems to take care of it so it's not a problem to me.
About 50% of people my age have it.

Anyhow, I am through that and feel fine again. My philosophy is about 90% of the time, you're about as healthy as you want to be. And I am determined to be healthy. Attitude is about 90% of that.

When it warmed up, I raked leaves and bagged them up there in the center lawn of the fourplex.  If it's nice again Tuesday afternoon, I will do the east side of my apartment too.

Bob came over in the late afternoon to watch the news and stayed until 7:00 and when he went home, I took my bath and Missy and I watched some TV until I began to fall asleep in the recliner. Then we went to bed.

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