Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday and a New Restaurant

I slept well last night and got up close to 5:00 and did my usual things.

I need to go to Country Mart this morning to get  my Fleischmann's oleo. It's made from Olive oil so is healthier then regular oleo. I saw it at Walmart's last week, when I didn't need it.  I went back yesterday and they didn't have it again.  I also need to go to Brahms and get milk and half and half. They are only a block away  so that's no problem.

We are going to try out the new restaurant today at noon. It's called Italian Toscano. One of the people at exercise class tried it over the weekend and said it was very good. We will see. I want to try their Eggplant Parmesan.

Tomorrow we will have our chicken tenders for lunch with mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and a veggie....probably green beans.  I will make pudding for dessert.

Yesterday I tried to print off some worship helps from the church and couldn't get the laptop to print from the living room. I went in the den and deleted the document and was just going to print it from the den desktop computer. That wouldn't print either. had worked fine the day before and worked from both computers. I wonder how much of it  is Windows 10. I have learned from my experience with Bob's computer that it can be difficult. Keith said he would help me work it out this evening.

More later...

The meal was o.k. but nothing I would write home about. Maybe it will be better after they've had  some time to work out the kinks.

I spent the afternoon reading. Then I watched "Camelot" (the movie). It's one of my favorites from the past. Bob came in toward the end. He watched the rest of it and went home at 6:30.  There was nothing on TV worth watching. So I worked on this blog.

Then I waited to hear from Keith about the computers and printer.

I heard from him while he was in the doctor's office getting his phlebotomy and I figured he had had a horrendous day so I suggested tomorrow evening instead. He has hemochromatosis....too much iron in the blood.

About 9:30, Missy and I went to bed.

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