Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday at Last and Exercises Again

I went to bed at my regular time last night but slept well only until some time after 3:30. At 4:00, I finally just got up. I read my e-mail and checked my bank account.  I spent over $233 on my car yesterday and was concerned about my budget. I will have to be careful since I will have to stretch it until the 11th of the month in May. That's when my next social security comes in. I had hoped to repay the $200 I had borrowed from my savings last month but I may just have to wait another month to start doing that.

Today I will go to exercise class and perhaps for coffee and a cinnamon roll afterward. We will see.

We will have our leftover tuna noodle/pea casserole for lunch today. Bob will bring his salad. I will have pudding and cookies for dessert.

Tomorrow we will work on finishing up the meatloaf with boiled potatoes and a veggie and Bob's salad. We will finish up the pudding and cookies. I still have the rest of my fish and chips from yesterday from Garfield's but they overcooked it and I'm not impressed. I may just toss it.

More's almost 5:00 and I need to make the bed and dress.

O.K. The bed is made up and so am I. I have dressed and fed myself and Missy. She is wanting to go outside but it's still dark and we do not go out in the dark. No telling what may be under the cars on the carport at this time of morning.  It's going on 6:00 now.

I watched some of the Democrat debate last night. About 9:00, I gave up and went to bed.

More even later...

I went to exercise class and had to lead it because Kay had a doctor's appointment. She came back in for the last thirty minutes.

Then a group of us went to Utopia for coffee and cinnamon rolls. I brought one home for Bob too.

His problem turned out to be a cold, sure enough! He came for lunch blowing and coughing. I really did not want him over here because the last thing I want is a cold.  He ate lunch and stayed awhile and then went home.

He came back in the evening to watch TV but after Brooks and Shields comments, he went home. He was miserable.

I don't think we ought to go to breakfast in the morning either. He doesn't cover his coughs. I tried to think of a nice way to tell him he needs to stay home until he's well but I'd probably offend him.

Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 and then we went to bed. 


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL Margie no matter when I come here you make me hungry for something or another! :)

Margie's Musings said...

That's funny, Deb :)