Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept from 12:30AM until 5:00AM after the exhausting day yesterday. I got to sleep finally by taking a Benadryl capsule.

Today I will fix my meatloaf and then go to exercise class and later go to Walmart to buy groceries.  I must get on with my life and let all those agencies do their work. I have done all I can do.

More later...

I got the meatloaf mixed up and ready to go into the microwave at 11:00. We will have boiled potatoes with that and a veggie and Bob's salad. We will have Karan's cake she left us for our dessert.

Speaking of Bob, he called a while ago and I missed his call. I returned his call and he told me he had a sore throat and had better not go to exercise class this morning.  He is taking Cold Ease. He suggested I start taking it too. I did start taking it. It seems to cut the length of a cold by several days and I am hoping that starting it will help me avoid catching it. I caught my last cold from him. I generally try to avoid contact with folks with a cold. But he eats with me and I can't avoid him altogether.

More later....

Lunch was good and I took some of it to Marilyn R. my neighbor in the fourplex. Bob and I will have it again on Saturday. Tomorrow, if he's up to it, we will go to Honda of Bartlesville and get my oil changed. It's finally time.  Then we will eat out somewhere down there.

I went to Bingo but this time I didn't win anything. This is not my month, I guess. But anyhow, it was some fun to lighten the load.

I did find out where my IRA went. I took it out myself and put it in my checking account and used it to double my car payment for 14 months.  I still don't remember doing it but I checked my bank statements and sure enough I deposited the check the day after I withdrew it. What a mess I caused!

It was a very stressful time for me but that's no excuse for ignorance. I had had an incident with what appeared to be my Cox Communications account. They had e-mailed me that they needed to update my information and I gave them all kinds of personal information.  After I sent it off, I discovered that although it looked like Cox's web site, the e-mail address was slightly different. So, evidently, fearing my IRA might be compromised, I guess I took it out and used it to double my car payments.

After the police got involved, the loan officer at the bank got busy and found the picture of the check in her records. So when I walked in this afternoon she was prepared to show me the check and sure enough, it was my signature on the back. Just nine months before that, I had had to change banks  because my former bank was sold and I had to change all my direct deposit information for social security, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and both my credit cards that I pay online.  That stressed me out and then Juanita my blind friend had me do hers for her.  It's a wonder I remembered my name at that time.

I feel badly that I got my son, Scott, in the mess. He e-mailed a lot of people trying to  "fix it". Now he knows it was his mother's memory problem.

It was a mess!

Bob came over for awhile but he had taken a Benadryl tablet and got too sleepy to stay. He went home to get ready for bed. I will take my bath and watch Nature and Nova with Missy on PBS in 15 minutes. At nine I will go to bed.

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Sister--Three said...

How many your age do all the good you do? Not many!
I am thankful you were able to see what happened! And
Now you are not worrying about someone in India having
Your 3!thousand dollars!