Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Busy Rainy Monday

I slept well until well after 5:00 this morning. After I fed Missy and myself, I began my Monday housecleaning routine. I did the bathroom and the kitchen first and then since Missy was in on the daybed in the den, I vacuumed the dining room, the living room and my bedroom. Now all I have left to vacuum in the den. That daybed cover is covered with cat hair so that will be a project to get clean.

Today is Scott and Ginger's first anniversary. I hope they got my card. They seem to be very happy and they are supposed to close on their house a week from Friday. They want to move the next day on Saturday the 4th. That's the day Leslie and I leave for the World Conference of our church. Sometime in the next month or so, I will go with John and Leslie to Florida, to see the new home and have a good visit.

It's raining today and it's supposed to rain all week with the possible exception of Wednesday.

We had tuna cakes and fried potatoes with broccoli for lunch.  With that he brought coleslaw. Then we had some mixed fruit and cookies for dessert. It turned out fine.

Tonight Bob will go to the family meeting for his friend, Bill, that just died last week. Tomorrow, he will attend the graveside services at 11:00.  I will go on to Independence to get my hair done and then afterward, I will go to Juanita's to balance her checkbook.  Wednesday will be another exercise class and then game day in the afternoon at the senior center.  Thursday, I will take Juanita to her heart doctor in Bartlesville.

More later...

Bob did go to visit the family of his friend this evening and then came back to watch some TV. When he went home, I took my bath and tried to watch TV but there simply wasn't anything decent to watch. I finally just went to bed.

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