Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday and a Trip to Bartlesville

This afternoon about 12:00 I will go back to Independence and pick up Juanita to take her to her 1:45 doctor's appointment.

Back later...

Bob came in just as I was starting this blog. So now I'm back to it.

Missy and I went out on the patio for about thirty minutes after it got light. She loves that so much. I feel  sorry for the old cat. Over on Catalina, where I had my own home, she had the run of the neighborhood. She intimidated all the neighbor cats. That's when she was younger, of course. I would let her out and sometimes she would wander the neighborhood for hours. At 5:00, I would go out in front and yell, "Here Missy Missy Kitty!" and you would see this little dark spot a couple of blocks away just running as fast as her little legs would carry her home. Now all that has changed and she's mostly a house cat. She loves the outdoors so I try to get her out for awhile a couple times a day to give her a break. I am trying to train her to stay in my immediate area...either on the patio  (which she prefers) or on the carport area. But anyone who has tried to train a cat knows how difficult that is....nearly impossible...especially an old cat.

This morning..about 12:00, I will start for Independence to pick up Juanita. I should get there in 40 minutes. Her appointment isn't until  1:45 but she wants to be early. She wants to leave at 12:45.  She definitely doesn't want to be late. I will not fix lunch for Bob today. That cleanup time would make it too close to leave at 12:00.  So he volunteered to eat on his own. He had a big breakfast at Lion's Club meeting this morning. I did send the left over chili home with him. If he doesn't want to eat it he can freeze it and eat it one day while I am gone to World Conference. 

I will miss the devotions at the hospital again today. They begin at 11:30 and I will be long gone.  I will make them tomorrow though.They are at 11:30 each day. That will make lunch later tomorrow. Perhaps sometime after 12:30.

More later...

I left at 12:10 for Independence and took the detour, which made my clean car filthy. After I got to Independence I had my car washed. It needed it.

My trip to Bartlesville showed just how fragile Juanita has become. She's nearly completely blind and very unsteady on her feet. And this woman is 94.. and will be 95 in October.

After we finished at the doctor's office she wanted to stop by Chili's and get some egg rolls with extra dressing. It took awhile but we finally got it.

I got her home at 4:45 and I got home about 5:20. Bob was at my apartment when I got home. He had come in and fed Missy her treats and turned on the TV to watch the news.  He also wanted to check his bank account.

After he's gone I will take a nice bath and relax and try to stay awake until 9:00.

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