Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday and Cleaning

After I finish this segment of the blog, I will clean the bathroom and the kitchen. I started on the bathroom after I finished my makeup but I didn't finish it. Missy was wanting her breakfast and I wanted to have my oatmeal too. I have finished my chia latte and will need to get started on that bathroom soon before I leave for exercise class.

Myra and I will meet in Bartlesville tomorrow after I get my hair done. I will drive down to Bartlesville and meet her for lunch. She says she has a lot of news to share with me. It's been awhile since we've met. Bob has a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville tomorrow so he will not need lunch either. I am planning to fix chili this morning. We are forecast for severe weather today. I may not go to exercise class this morning. I don't want to put my car in harm's way for hail.  We will see what the morning forecast brings.

More later...

I got the chili made and the bathroom and kitchen cleaned. I also vacuumed the dining room.

Just before lunch time, I got up suddenly from my chair and didn't realize my right foot was asleep. I went down fast and my foot turned to one side and something on the bottom, as well as the ankle, hurt.  I took off the sock and shoe and checked it out. It's plenty sore and some swollen but if I am careful, I can walk on it. I walked on it carefully to get lunch on the table.

Bob checked his e-mail and bank account while he was here. His computer doesn't boot up well at all. It took two or three tries to get it to come up. Once he got on it though, it was very fast.  He seemed happy enough then. I went out with Missy and sat on the patio in the sun. She was delighted to be outside. We stayed about an hour. Then she got hungry and thirsty and we came back in. She is resting now and about to take a nap.

I have been reading my new Kindle book. It is a new one of Ehrman's called "Jesus Before the Gospels" . It is quite good. I enjoy his books. He makes good sense in his arguments.

I took some of the chili over to Marilyn R's. She is not feeling well at all. Her allergies are driving her crazy.  She has been more or less down for a couple of days. Bob took the rest of it home with him.

I have my hair appointment tomorrow in Independence and won't be cooking tomorrow. Bob has a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville tomorrow afternoon. Myra and I are meeting after my hair appointment at 11:00 there for a good visit. She says she has a lot of news to share with me. We will eat lunch there somewhere.

More later...

The latest photo of my son and DIL's driveway.


Obviously...they are still working on it.

By the way, the ankle is sprained. It is badly swollen and I took some Aleve for the pain.

More even later...

Here's the fireplace. That's lovely stone.

Kitchen cabinets now!

The ankle swelled up badly and I realized I probably had a sprain. I sent Bob to the Medicine Shoppe to rent some crutches. Then I iced the ankle all afternoon and stayed off it. I also took an Aleve for the pain. 

I kept the foot elevated all evening until 9:00 when I finally went on to bed. Getting around on crutches is not easy at my age.

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