Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday and Cleaning

I slept pretty well last night. I will be doing some cleaning today. I need to catch up on the vacuuming I did not get done this week. Between the foot injury and the trip to Bartlesville on Tuesday, I really got behind. Then yesterday I went to exercise class and went with Bob to get his phone updated. It ended up the clerk could not transfer either his old number or his address book with a connection. So yesterday afternoon after the Bingo party, I put the addresses in his address book on the "new" phone.

We missed the storms that were forecast for yesterday. I was glad. We will have storms on Saturday, Sunday and perhaps even Monday this coming weekend.

I need to go to Walmart this morning or tomorrow. I am developing a list again.

We will have the chicken tenders, potatoes, gravy, veggie and salad I had thawed for yesterday this noon.  I will fix the strawberries someone brought me this morning while they are still good.  We will have them for our dessert.

More later..

I went to Wamart and bought a few groceries. I bought a couple of things for Marilyn R. too. 

We had a good lunch and I got the strawberries fixed too. We had a bowl for dessert and another this evening. We've made dent in those strawberries.  I took some over to Marilyn R too. She has been sick all week.

I decided to begin sanding on the kitchen table after I finished vacuuming the house. I spent about an hour on it and took Missy out at that time too.  I have a ways to go to be ready to paint though.

Bob is back for the news and a re-run of Big Bang Theory.

After he goes home I will take my bath and sit with Missy in the recliner.

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