Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day and only a Strained Ankle

Well, I had a surprise when I awoke this morning. The swelling on my ankle was gone. There is a place on the bottom of my foot that is a little tender but that's all. I believe it was only a strain and not a sprain at all. I iced it on and off all evening and kept it elevated until 9:00 when I went to bed. Then there was the Aleve for the inflammation and pain.  I am walking on it this morning...kind of gingerly but so far..so good.  I slept until nearly 6:00 too.

I have my hair appointment this morning and then after lunch, Bob and I will go to Bartlesville. He has a 2:30 doctor's appointment in Bartlesville. I will go along there too since I cancelled my date with Myra. I had texted Myra about the "sprain" and will not try to get a hold of her at this late date to re-establish our date.  I do need to make a quick run to the bank. I had given the Medicine Shoppe my $25.00 to rent the crutches. I will not take them back right away.  I want to be sure this is only a strain first. After I've been on the foot awhile, it may swell again. I'll keep my eye on it.

Ashley, one of my granddaughters, called last night and I told her about my ankle and I also called my daughter, Leslie, and told her it was a sprain. I will need to text her that I was apparently mistaken.  Thank goodness!

I ended up calling Leslie and telling her that I was mistaken and it evidently was only a strain.  She was happy she had one less thing to worry about.  She and John have the girls this week. Jeromy and Marlene have gone to New Orleans for one of Jeromy's meetings for his work.  John and Leslie will have the girls until Thursday evening.  Maia gets picked up by the school bus but they have to drive Cheyenne down to Tyro Christian Church for preschool.  That's only 8 miles though.

Tomorrow Bob and I will have chicken tenders for lunch with mashed potatoes, gravy, a veggie and salad. I have some fruit  and cookies for dessert.

More later...

When I got home from Independence, I found someone had brought me two quarts of strawberries. They were in a sack in the door. I put them in the frig and began doing some calling to see who had brought them to me.  I never did figure it out. I'm down to Marilyn R. She has not been feeling well so I didn't disturb her. I will ask her when I see her out. She may go to Bingo this afternoon.

Our trip to Bartlesville was pretty productive.  We ate at our favorite Bar B Q place, Dinks. Then I told Bob about the 40% off coupon I had for shoes. He had been wanting a pair of black loafers ever since the ones he had were caught in the rain in Branson and did not hold up after getting wet. He found a nice pair at Goody's in the mall. They didn't have his size so after the doctor's appointment we went out to  another affiliated store and found them in his size. The $60 shoes were on sale for $38.00 and with the 40% off coupon he really got a bargain.

When we got home he took me home and went home himself.  He came back later to watch the news with me and left at 7:00. I took my bath and stayed up until 9:00 with Missy. Then we went to bed.

I had a call from Ashley after I got to bed. She had received the birthday card I sent her with the gift card for Olive Garden. She just called to thank me.


Sister--Three said...

You know so much..I am sure you know rice!
R for rest ankle
I for icing it
C for compressing
E for elevating

Now, Margie, no g for galloping around all day! Tee hee

Margie's Musings said...

True! Very true. Thanks for the recipe!