Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday and Bingo

I slept fairly well last night. I got up shortly before 5:00 and made the bed and got dressed, I fed Missy and had my oatmeal, juice and coffee myself.  The foot seems to be doing fine this morning. The swelling from yesterday afternoon is down again.  I will try to go to exercise class this morning and Bingo this afternoon. We are supposed to have some severe storms this afternoon. So I will play it by ear.

I am thawing chicken tenders for our lunch today.  I will fix some of those mystery strawberries for our dessert.

It's getting light now so I will take Missy out and see how warm it is out there. We spent an hour outside.

So...more later. 

The severe storms never developed. We went to exercise class and then to the pharmacy to return my crutches. My foot seems mostly fine.  Then we went to US Cellular so Bob could get his number installed only to find that Walmart would not allow that. So now he has a new number.  We were too late to fix lunch before the Bingo party so I used my free lunch coupon and Bob and I ate at Sirloin Stockade and then I went on to Bingo.

We will have the chicken tenders etc. tomorrow. 

After I got out of Bingo, I called Bob and he brought the "new" phone over and his old phone and I programmed the addresses in it from his old phone.  Missy and I went outside a couple of hours. She was delighted. Bob stayed and read the newspaper and then stayed for the news on TV. He got sleepy after that and decided to go home. It had been a big day.

I took my bath and worked on finishing this blog and will watch Nature and Nova on PBS after they start. Missy loves Nature and usually watches it intently.  She usually sleeps during Nova. After that we usually go to bed.

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