Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday At Conference

Saturday was an enormous day at Conference. My daughter walked into her meeting just in time to answer her name at roll call. I went into the registration line and picked up our packets while her meeting was being conducted. I met a neat woman from Wisconsin name Barbara in line and we visited until our turn to pick up the resources occurred. Then I saw her from time to time all during the first day at Conference.  In fact she sat with us during the Elder's Quorum.

We walked downtown to the Courthouse Exchange for lunch (about a mile) and ordered the Fish and Chips we usually have there. It was a huge order. We could have split it. As it was, we ate the fish and part of the chips (french fries) and left the rest.

The afternoon business meeting was mostly housekeeping business. We left after it was over and took our luggage out to our host's home. We visited for awhile before leaving for the Peace Colloquy. A woman from Nigeria was honored for her work in trying to get equality for women in that country.

When we got back to the host's home, we got ready for bed and sacked out. We were both exhausted.  Leslie must have been more than exhausted. She had been to her Relay for Life until midnight and then had to clean up and get home by 2:00. Then after three hours sleep, she came to pick me up shortly before 7:00.

Today is the Communion Service at the Auditorium. It begins at 10:00 so we are both online with her "hot spot" on her phone. It's really handy.

More later....

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