Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday and Exercises

I slept pretty well last night even though I woke up several times. My right arm just barely hurt and I didn't take anything for it last night.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday afternoon and had Chris print off a copy of all the antibiotics I had taken since 2013. I had taken six over the years. Three were for the erysipelas in 2013. One of those, I know, gave me muscle and tendon pain. That was the Minocycline Dr. Gillis had prescribed after the Doxycycline Dr. Christiansen prescribed at the emergency room didn't clear it up.  It took Dr. Eslicker to diagnose it correctly as erysipelas and give me a prescription for Cephalexin, which finally cleared it up.  Dr. Christiansen called it cellulitis. It took me months of exercise to work out the damage that Minocycline gave me in both arms. The second one was in March this year and was Nitrofurant that Dr. Robins in the emergency room had prescribed for the urinary tract infection. I don't know whether it was that one responsible for my most recent problem with the shoulder joint and arm pain or if it was the Cefuroxime prescribed by the Dr. Weil at the urgent care in in June. That one also broke me out with an itchy rash. She had me discontinue it over that. And that's when the pain began. I just have problems with some antibiotics.

I also have a hard time with pain relievers. They make me vomit. I hope I never get sick and have bad pain. I don't know what I would take.

Bob just texted me about exercise class.

More later...

We went to exercise class and afterward to Utopia where Karan and I had the special frozen drink they make and I had one of their cinnamon rolls too. It was raining when we left and Karan got soaked on her scooter.

When I got home I did some laundry and changed my bed.  Later, I warmed up the hamburger pie and we had that and Bob's salad for lunch. He went home to take his nap afterward.

I went to V & S Variety and rented a movie. It was the one Leslie and I wanted to see last year in Springfield and it didn't start until 11:30 PM. We had the Conference the next day so we passed on the movie. It was "Bridge of Spies". Bob and I watched it after we watched Brooks and Shields on PBS. I have to return it this morning. It was another good Tom Hanks movie.

When he left I took my bath and went to bed. Missy was mad there was no sitting in the recliner on my lap. As I was heading toward bed, she reached out and scratched me on my left foot. Angry spoiled cat!

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