Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday and a Movie

I slept poorly again last night. At 11:00 I got up and took two Aleve but they didn't help much. I was awake about every hour on the hour trying to get comfortable. My arm and shoulder ached constantly and the Aleve just barely took the edge off of it.

I looked up the antibiotic on the internet that I took in June for the urinary track infection (or whatever it was) and one of it's side effects is ligament and tendon damage. That's the time all this started. It also broke me out in a rash that itched at the time. I went back to the Urgent Care and she told me to stop taking it. That's two of those antibiotics that cause me ligament and tendon damage. It took me months to exercise out the damage the last time I took an antibiotic in 2013 when I had the erysipelas on my face. 

Bob and I are going to go see "Sully" this afternoon in Independence. It's on there too and they have just redecorated the theater.  That should make it closer since Independence is only about 20 minutes away and Bartlesville is almost an hour. We will take in the 4:30 movie.I asked Karan to go too. I will pick Bob up first and then we will go get Karan at 3:45. 

Missy and I went outside about 7:00 after we had our breakfasts and stayed out until 7:45. She really enjoyed that. It had rained really hard last night about the time I went to bed.

More later....

We really enjoyed the movie and the Independence theater has completely redecorated and even has leather reclining seats. Cool!  I enjoyed it just as much the second time and both Bob and Karan did too. We got out about 6:30 and even got home long before dark. I understand the first weekend it was released this movie made 45.5 million. It nearest competitor made 12 million.

Bob didn't come over this evening. he had missed his nap for the movie and was tired.

I was exhausted again and went to bed at 8:00.

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