Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast at Eggberts

I will pick up Bob this morning to go to breakfast at Eggberts. We have decided that Eggberts has a breakfast with more variety and is also cheaper then Sirloin Stockade.

I slept well last night. My right arm barely ached. I did wake up several times but got right back to sleep.

Missy twice vomited up some of her breakfast this morning. She must have eaten too fast. I picked it up with a paper towel and then got my Resolve and cleaned the carpet where she did it. I hope this is not something I will have to deal with more as she gets older.

She thinks I am going to take her outside at 7:00. She will have to wait. I will be picking up Bob at 7:00 instead. When I get back home, I will take her out awhile.

More later....

I am back from breakfast now. It was good. I took Bob home and went to get gas. Missy is evidently not feeling all that well. She is not fussing to go outside. It is chilly out there this morning but that usually wouldn't matter to her.  I may go up to Independence and check out the Goody's sale today...not that I need anything. I will not have to cook lunch since Bob and I had such a big breakfast.

More later...

This afternoon, I went to Independence to check out Goody's sale. There wasn't anything I needed there.  I was going to go to Bartlesville to the Christopher and banks sale but I stopped at the church on the way back and discovered I am presiding tomorrow morning.  So I came home and planned the service instead and then went back out to church to print off the program and put up the worship setting.

Now I feel more prepared. I am so glad I discovered that before tomorrow morning or I really would have been embarrassed.

More later...

Bob came over this evening and we watched some TV news and then he went home. I took my bath and after that I went to bed. 

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