Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday and a Trip Home

I had my best night of sleep last night. I discovered that if I kept my right arm up next to my chest instead of stretching it out, it didn't hurt so much. So I only woke up one time to go to the bathroom and slept well. I got up shortly before five this morning completely rested. I'm all packed and I've had my breakfast and my chai and read my favorite blog....Bart Ehrman's blog.  I am ready whenever they are.

John is up and  getting ready to leave. I imagine they will have some cereal first.

More later...

We left on Sunday and drove to Sikeston, Missouri before we pulled into a  Holiday Inn Express for the night. We were all exhausted. There was noise off and on all night in the parking lot behind us and there was nothing they could do about it at the hotel. Some trucker could not get his Semi started and he ground away at it and then when it did finally start, he gunned the motor to keep it going. We got little sleep. I woke up with my right arm aching again. We quickly dressed and went downstairs for a hot breakfast. Then we loaded up and left about 8:00. We got into Coffeyville about 3:30 and the kids went to pick up Mini at Karan's. Then they went home.

I started my laundry and unloaded my suit case before I called Bob and he came over and visited awhile. We went out to see what Jim Taylor had to say about me on a sign out at his business.  He just asked folks to read what I had to say on his web site. I looked up the address but it wasn't this Jim Taylor's website.

More later...

This is the huge stingray my son caught on our fishing trip.

I tried to post the photo here but the blog would not take it. Anyhow,  after Bob left, I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed at 8:30. I was utterly exhausted.

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