Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday and Decorating the Church for Christmas

What a night! I slept well but this morning when I checked the city of Coffeyville's web site, I found that the city has turned off their intake from the river to avoid getting those ethylene glycol   contaminates in it and we were told to turn off our hot water tanks to avoid ruining them when they run dry.

A boil order remains in effect this morning for Coffeyville city residents due to the loss of pressure in the city's water system on Thursday.

I got the step stool and climbed up there to turn mine off at the breaker box. It is about seven feet above the floor. Bob didn't know anything about it since he is not online and did not get the word. So I texted him about it. He needs to take to Rhonda..his building manager about it..

What is tragic is all the people who are not online and do not know about these orders.  If they don't listen to the local radio station, they won't have a clue.

I'd better get my breakfast. I don't know what Missy got into. She threw up this morning so I've already had one mess to clean up.

More later...

This is the latest information out of the city of Coffeyville. This pertains to those customers who get Thier water from City of Coffeyville.


The City of Coffeyville received good news as test results showed no contaminants at our location on the Verdigris River, and KDHE gave the go ahead to begin producing water again. The boil order is still in effect. Water distribution will begin today at 9 a.m. at the Youth Activities Center. More information following an 8 a.m. meeting.


I got my breakfast and Missy's and then boiled some water on the stove. I decided since there was no exercise class today that I would decorate for Christmas here at the apartment. I got home from church at 11:30. We sure made it pretty though. I will try to get a photo next time I'm out there and post it here. And while I am at it I may take some of the apartment too. I did not put up my Christmas tree since I will be in Florida during Christmas and Missy will be here alone. I knew she would make a toy out of it. I put up all my other decorations though and the ceramic tree my sister, Phyllis,  gave me years ago. I set it on the console under the wall mirror. I will light it up for Christmas.

But first Bob came over and I fixed the beans and cornbread for lunch again. We used that up. I went to town to get water since we are still under a boil order for a couple of more days. FEMA is distributing it free of charge.

Then when Bob left, I began my decorating. It took me all afternoon to get it done anyhow...even without the tree.

He came back to read the paper and stayed to watch a couple of episodes of the old "Big Bang Theory". When he left I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed. 

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