Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast at Eggberts in Independence.

Independence is not under a boil order and their restaurants are open so Bob and I will drive up there for breakfast.

I slept fairly well last night although I finally just got up at 4:00. I guess I got my sleep out. I got up and dressed and ran Missy's afghans through fresh air in the dryer to get the cat hair out of them.

I will clean the apartment today when we get back home. I did not get to clean on Thursday, my regular cleaning day. I want to scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees again. I got it much cleaner doing that last week. I always do the bathroom floor that way.  Then I will run the vacuum and also vacuum the daybed again. Missy lies there and gets cat hair on the green daybed cover.  I have to vacuum it a couple of times a week.

She is patiently waiting for her breakfast now so I will get back to this later....

I got Missy her breakfast and took my pills after I had breakfast. I picked up Bob and we drove to Independence to have breakfast at Eggbert's there. There was heavy fog but we drove slowly and made it just fine. I couldn't face biscuits and gravy at Braum's. All the other restaurants here are closed because of the boil order. It will probably be Tuesday before ours has expired.

When I got home I changed my clothes and cleaned the apartment. I washed the bathroom and kitchen floors on my hands and knees and got them really clean. Now I am finished and it is only 10:40. I have the whole day ahead of me. I stopped at Dr. Barta's on my way home from Independence and bought Missy's flea meds. They are now $96.00 and change. That cat is a very expensive investment.  They did tell me that I could put it on her every other month during winter while she is inside. That should help.

I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day. I'm still full from breakfast and so is Bob. He has leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner so he should be fine if he gets hungry. More later....

I called Bob to see if he would like to go with me to Bartlesville. He did. I am looking for some more soft green garland to decorate my doorways. Everything is gaudy green tinsel or other colors. I went first to Holly Lobby, then to Walmart there and then to Lowe's. No one had anything in greenery  without hard wire in it. Finally I stopped on the way out of town at K-Mart and found a compromise. It isn't what I wanted but will have to do. When we got back I took Bob home. I managed to wear him out. It's almost 4:00.

More later...

He was too tired to come over last night so I took my bath early and watched "The Eighties" on CNN until nearly 10:00. By then Missy and I were ready to go to bed.

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