Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises and Bob's MRI

Today we will go to exercise class and then on to the hospital for Bob's MRI.  We will eat our lunch later today after we get home from the hospital. Bob wants me to go with him and I will take my Kindle to read while we are there and he is getting his test. He probably will not get any results until next week sometime.

I did not sleep well again last night. I finally took a Benedril capsule at 3:30 but never did go back to sleep.

I soaked the beans over night and will fix the cornbread when we get back from the hospital.

Later this afternoon, I want to fix my Waldorf Salad for tomorrow.  I will cover the bowl with Saran to keep it fresh. Leslie is having 12 tomorrow for our meal.

I need to run to the market before going to pick up Bob for exercise class. I need oleo. I found ham in the freezer this morning and cut it up in small pieces for the beans.  They are in the slow cooker with the beans.  The table is set and so the cornbread is all I need to make when we finally get back to my apartment.

Yesterday I got to see the puppies again. They have really grown. Their eyes are open now. They are so cute! They will be ready to take to the buyers in another three weeks. Four are sold already. That leaves four. All are beautiful.

More later...

O.K. Bob and I went on to exercises and then I took him for his MRI. He won't know anything until sometime after the first of the week.  I came home and put the cornbread in the oven and we had our beans and cornbread. They were good! I took some to Marilyn R. too. She is having trouble with  vertigo. She was not at exercise class today.

Bob went home to take a nap and I have been cleaning up the dishes and playing free cell on the desktop computer.  I think I will wait and make up my Waldorf salad in the morning. That way it will be freshly made.

More even later....

I received a notice from the Coffeyville Police Nexle notice department about the water situation after a huge explosion at the Aerosol plant in Neodesha on Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM. That chemical fire is still burning and endangering the water supply of Coffeyville too. Independence has a smaller storage capacity then Coffeyville and had their water emergency immediately on Tuesday.

We are now under a water emergency after 8:00 PM this evening and are not to use water for anything except drinking, medical needs and food preparation.  They are still waiting for the results of the testing of our water from Kansas City and Wichita labs. All restaurants and laundromats are to shut down after this notice at 8:00 PM tonight. That will impact their Thanksgiving business and heaven only knows for how long.

Bob came over this evening and we watched TV until 8:00. After he went home I got ready for bed and Missy and I went to bed about 9:00.   

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