Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday and Thanksgiving

I slept better last night but still got up at 3:45. I had so much on my mind. I got dressed and fixed my salad. I forgot to buy raisins so I am waiting for the convenience store on the corner to open to buy some. I have put apples, celery, seedless grapes and pecans in it but it still needs raisins.

I have had my breakfast and fed Missy too. She is here behind me on the daybed.

I have been checking the status of our water here in Coffeyville. The update last night has ordered the closing of all restaurants, car washes and laundromats. No laundry or car washes can be done until they learn the extent of the pollution in the water supply. We have a large capacity of stored water here in Coffeyville but we also supply rural water and Nowata, Oklahoma. Nowata shut off their water last evening. They are providing bottled water for drinking.  Neodesha's water supply has 5 times the level of acceptable chemicals.  They can't use their water at all. Everyone is on bottled water for the duration. Who knows how long this will last and what the health hazards are for those folks in Neodesha. The air there is also polluted. 

More later...

We just received this update from the City Manager's office on the water situation:


The water emergency remains in effect for all users of Coffeyville water including Dearing, South Coffeyville and the rural water districts served by Coffeyville. Water usage is limited to drinking, medical needs and food preparation only. We are beginning to experience low pressure is some areas. The water is safe to drink.

There is a conference call scheduled at 10 a.m. with the Governor’s Emergency Management Team at which time we expect to learn results of the river water testing. An update will be posted following this meeting.

Plans are being finalized for the water distribution, and these will be posted, also. In the meantime, please conserve water.

And Juanita called me a little bit ago. Her stepson, Mike, is going to Cherryvale for dinner this noon and will be bringing her a meal back from there.  So I will not need to bring her one from Leslie's this afternoon.

More later....

We had a great meal at my daughters. Now I am stuffed. She had an excellent pecan pie and I just had to have some.

We finally got some news from  the Emergency team about the water here.



A conference call on the water emergency has been held with the Kansas Department of Emergency Management. Test results on the river water are good. However, there is one test which couldn’t be run at the state and was flown to Dallas. The results will not be known until tomorrow. The water pressure in our reservoirs is very low. The City has notified the state, and a boil order has been issued. All water necessary for drinking and food preparation must be boiled before use. This notice pertains to all water customers served by the City of Coffeyville.

So I guess we still have to boil any water we use to cook or even drink.  At least until we hear from Dallas. I wonder how long that will be?

More even later..

I just saw something strange. Channel 6 out of Tulsa just announced that Nowata, twenty miles south of us and also on the Verdigris River, has ethylene glycol in their water. I understand they get their water from Coffeyville. How can we be under a simple “boil” order and yet  Nowata has ethylene glycol in their water.   What are we missing? Did they have Phillips Petroleum Company do their lab work? How can they be just south of us and getting their water from us and have different chemicals in their water then what was found in ours?

I don’t want to simply boil our water if it too contains ethylene glycol.  That’s antifreeze, isn’t it?

I just learned that Nowata does not get their water from Coffeyville.  They did not shut down their intake there and that's why they have the ethylene glycol in their system. Coffeyville shut down their intake before they ran through their reserves. So they have none in their system.

Bob didn't come tonight. He had eaten too much and wasn't feeling well.  Missy and I went to bed at 8:30. I was exhausted.


Sister--Three said...

We don't think about a lot of our blessing until we lose them.
Hope they get this taken care of soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and that salad sounds delicious. I had seen nothing about this water issue on the regular national news that I check on the internet in the sorry that you are going through this! I am going to google the story and see if I can find out more. Awful!

Margie's Musings said...

It is a mess alright. I feel sorry for those who are not able to get online and get this information.