Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday and My Hairdo Day and Trip to Bartlesville

I slept poorly again last night. I awoke at 12:30 and went to the bathroom and took another Zeequil with my thyroid med. The Zeequil do help me to sleep. I awoke this morning at 5:45..late for me.

Missy is waiting for her breakfast and I will need to get mine eaten too. I want to text Bob after I eat and let him off the hook to go to Independence with me. I forgot about his pain and this hairdo day is a short one. We would have to do a lot of time killing before lunch and it hurts him when he walks. His MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.

I forgot that when I talked about doing something about starting my Christmas shopping. I'm not sure what to do about Christmas shopping this year. I have been into my savings several times this year and it is diminishing too quickly.  I want to buy for Scott and Ginger because I will be with them for Christmas. That may all I can buy for this year.

I will go to Bartlesville to look for Advent candles. Maybe I will get a new Advent wreath if I can find one. The old one looks very sad. 

More later...

Leslie and I found just what we needed for the Advent wreath.  We bought some greenery and the candles.  We ate at Garfield's in the mall and had the cranberry walnut salad with chicken. It was very good. We also had raspberry tea.  I bought hers and John's Christmas gifts. Hers is wrapped but I will need to wrap John's.  I am going to try to finish my Christmas shopping before I go to Florida on the 20th of December.

While I was at Sayer's Ace Hardware gift shop, Juanita called me. She had her bank statement so since I was already up there, I finished picking up Leslie's gift and went out to Juanita's to balance her checkbook.  She also had me write the check for her property taxes.  I put that in the mail as I was leaving  Independence.

I got home about 4:40 and was really tired.  Bob came over about 5:20 and we opened the birthday gift Juanita sent home with me.  It was Russell Stover chocolates. We each had two.

When he went home I got ready for bed and at 8:30, Missy and I went to bed...exhausted.


Scott Miller said...

Don't worry about xmas for me mom, I don't need a thing

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, son, I am sending you a birthday gift. I will send it off Monday. I think it's something you will use.

Scott Miller said...

Shouldn't of however