Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday and Exercises

I slept better last night and after awhile Missy must have come in and climbed up on the bed. I awoke at 2:30 to go to the bathroom and she was there. She pouted all evening and could not be coaxed back on my lap.

I got up about 5:00 and dressed and got ready for the day. Missy is a little standoffish this morning but is lying here on the daybed.

I decided to cook that chicken. It had been thawed since Wednesday. If Bob can't eat it, I'll eat what I can and give the rest to Marilyn.

He finally answered me. It's 7:30 and he isn't up yet although he was awake. He said he got through the night just fine.  I will go on to exercises whether he does or not. He probably should not. He might lose his clot and have a dry socket. You have to be careful of an extraction for several days. A dry socket is no fun. He had one once before and should know.

I believe today is cinnamon roll day at Utopia. If it is, I'll go to have one.

Well, he says he's going so I will pick him up in about ten minutes. I hope he will be careful.

More later...

We did go to Utopia and several others did too. He had some tepid coffee and a soft cinnamon roll, which he ate very carefully. I saw Marilyn L. there too but she was coming in just as we were leaving. I took Bob home and now I need to go to Walmart for a list of things.  Marilyn R. told us there would be no games next week because of Thanksgiving.

More even later...

I went to Walmart and bought my little dab of groceries I needed. That came to about $26.00. I also stopped by the Health Food store and bought another bag of pecans and one for Sue.   That was $20.22. I will take hers Sunday to church.

More even later..

Bob came over about 5:20 and read the papers he had missed and watched Brooks and a woman from the Washington Post. (I forget her name)  Shields was gone evidently on assignment.

After he left, I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.. 

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