Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept poorly last night. I had that PINCH  meeting on my mind from last evening and it disturbed my sleep. I did get the article out to the newspaper about our meeting before I went to bed.

I stripped my bed first thing this morning and did two loads of laundry. Then I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors. Later when I got home from going to the dentist with Bob I vacuumed the apartment. It just needs some dusting now. That can wait.

Bob came over shortly after eight and we went to my dentist's office. He lost a filling yesterday and his regular dentist was not in the office until next Monday. He did not want to take a chance on a toothache by waiting that long. I took him to Dr. Conrad, my dentist, and explained the situation to Paula at the front desk and she gave Bob an appointment for 3:00 this afternoon.  I will go with him and we will see if it can just be filled.

Dr. Conrad may just want to crown it....who knows. It was a large filling that came out in two pieces. Paula gave me some paperwork for him to fill out and I helped him fill it out.  We will take it in with us when we go at 3:00. She said if they had a cancellation she would call him to come in earlier. I doubt that they will. I was surprised they could get him in this afternoon.  They may just put a temporary filling in and have him come back later. It probably depends on what it needs.

It's a windy day and the leaves are everywhere again. 

More later...

It was a non functional tooth and badly broken. There was nothing above it to bite against so Bob just had him extract it. No sense putting $2,000 into a tooth that is non functional. It would have had to have a root canal and a crown plus a couple of pins to build it up.

Bob is resting tonight. It is still bleeding a little. I imagine that's because of his blood thinner.  He is staying home and staying in this evening. Dr. Conrad is going to call him about 9:00 to see how it's doing.

I was holding Missy this evening and she tried to bite me. I bawled her out and made her get down out of my lap and she went in on the daybed and is pouting.  She is getting very crotchety in her old age.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed and it's not 7:00 yet. I will try to stay up until 9:00 but I slept poorly last night.

I went to bed a little before 9:00. There was nothing on TV. 


Sister--Three said...

We all get a little cranky as we get older!!

I hope bob is doing better today!

Margie's Musings said...

That's true! I haven't heard from him yet. I texted him but so answer.