Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day and Cakes

I slept very well last night. That's surprising since I went to bed so early. I got up about 5:30 this morning. That's late for me. Karan had brought her cake over late last evening.  Now I have all but Bob's. I will pick his up when I pick him up at 8:20.

I must remember to stop at the church and get Sue's cake. It is in the freezer. Johnna may have one in there too.

I got Missy's breakfast and my own. As I was drinking my coffee, Scott called. We had a good visit. I am so glad the boys stay so well in touch. Keith called a couple of days ago and we too had a good visit.

I have about an hour until time to go. I loaded the cakes in the trunk a while ago so I am ready.

I will get my hair done this morning too. After I pick up Bob we need to go out to their WalMart. We need to pick up some small dessert paper plates for the dinner on Sunday at church. We used all we had last Sunday for dessert.  I will fix a meatloaf for that dinner. Then after we take care of that chore we will eat lunch at Great China. Then we will come home and I will take Bob home.

He has been having some pain in his hip area and has a doctor's appointment in the morning in Coffeyville to try to find out what it is.  He felt bad enough yesterday that he had me drive to exercise class.

More later...I will take Missy out while it is light. We do have fog so she wanted to come back in earlier. She is going to be an unhappy cat this winter when it gets cold. She does not like the cold. But she loves to go outside.

More later....

I left to pick up Bob at 8:20 and we stopped at the church and picked up the cake Sue left there in the freezer.  Then we delivered the cakes and I took Bob out to his sister's to visit while I got my hair done. Afterward I picked him up again and we went to WalMart to buy paper dessert plates and paper bowls for Sunday's basket dinner. Then out to Great China to eat lunch. Finally we stopped at the church again on the way back and I left the chairs I had borrowed for the Living the Questions group Sunday evening.

Then I took him home and came home myself. Now I am waiting for the mailman and hoping to get Bob and my Keurig pods today. I have only three left and I think he said he has four.

So...more even later...

I had a terrible disappointment this afternoon. I went to water my new flowers and they were all dug up and the flowers were eaten off. I checked my miniature rosebush and sure enough, the beds were mostly snipped off of them too.  My neighbor said deer had been into hers too.  They had eaten her pansies. They had even been into the dusty Miller and the geranium on the far east end of those in front of the apartment on the north.  That is so disgusting! I had spent $6.00 for those six pansies. And I have nurtured that rosebush that Scott and Ginger sent me for Mother's Day. There are still a few buds on it but most are snipped off. There are still some roses on it too but most of those have been snipped off and eaten too.  I am so disappointed!

Sure enough! The Keurig pods arrived and later in the afternoon Bob came over and paid me for his.  He came for TV too but still was hurting when he moved so went home at near 7:00 to try to get some rest.  I will go to the doctor with him tomorrow. Four ears are always better then two. His appointment is at 9:00 so he will come by at 8:30.

After he left, I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00..when we went to bed. 

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