Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday and Bob's Doctor Appointment

I slept pretty well last night. I awoke at 12:30 and went to the bathroom. I could tell I was going to have trouble getting back to sleep so I took a Melatonin tablet. Sure enough...I slept like a baby for the rest of the night.  I may start using them more regularly if the sleeplessness continues.

I am up and dressed and both Missy and I are fed. She is here on the daybed behind me napping. She wanted the carport door open so I opened it for her but since it's cold and dark out, we aren't going out yet. Yesterday afternoon while it was warm and pretty, we went out for a couple of hours. While she enjoyed lying in the grass and eating some of it, I just enjoyed the warm sunshine. I did sweep off Marilyn's carport while she was gone. Since I raked last week, the carports are staying fairly clean.

Today, if we get back from the doctor's appointment in time, I will fix the chicken for lunch. I put it down in the frig yesterday so it should be thawed. If it is too late when we are finished, we may go out to the casino for lunch. I won three free meals for two in the door prize drawing last week at the Cherokee Nation Community Meeting.

I talked to my son-in-law, John, at church on Sunday and he told me all four of the female Corgi puppies are spoken for. That leaves the four males. I thought the males would go first but John said they are harder to house train.  I know that Hoover, the father of these puppies, has to stay outside or in the garage because he is not house trained. He was full grown when they bought him.

More later...

I went to the doctor with Bob this morning and they x-rayed him and found some deteriorating discs in his back that they think may be causing his pain.  He is to have an MRI at 11:00 next Wednesday at the hospital. That may tell them more.  He also had a blood test to determine if his prostate is more enlarged. He also lost a large filling  in one of his molars this morning as he was flossing. His dentist is out of the office today and has not answered his cell answering machine. He really needs to get at least a temporary filling in that hole. He did not eat lunch here today and instead got some tomato soup for his lunch. I encouraged his to call my dentist today to see if he can get in as an emergency.  He did not seem to want to do that. I took Karan and we went to Long John Silvers and we had lunch there.

At 2:00, I plan to go out to Asbury Village for Bunco.

I did go play Bunco this afternoon and later went to PINCH at Sew and So at 5:50. The meeting was supposed to be over at 6:60 but it was 6:50 before it actually was.  The nominating committee did meet and nominated the new officers for 2017. I refused to take the secretary job because I am having my surgery sometime after the first of the year and do not want to have a responsibility anymore until I find out how that is going to work out.

I took my bath after I got home and Misy and I sat in the recliner and watched TV until 9:00. Then I went to bed.

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