Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday and Exercises and a Quieter Day

I picked up Bob this morning for exercise class. He is having some pain issues and will go see the doctor on Wednesday. I plan to go with him. After exercises I took him home and came on home to get things ready for lunch. We had leftover roast beef and carrots and potatoes and green beans.

I went to Country Mart and got some biscuits and fixed them to eat with all that. It was good and then we had pistachio pudding afterward.  He went home at 12:00 and Missy and I stayed outside for awhile. Steve did not mow this weekend and so I raked leaves again and bagged them up.  I got the middle finished before I played out. The east side is still a mess. Betty said he would mow this week. He may be able to just mow over those.

I still need to bake my cake for tomorrow this afternoon.  I have Phyllis' already . I will bake mine after I rest up a bit after the leaf raking.

More later...

After I rested up, I baked my cake. Then I did something foolish. I went back on this blog to 2010..the year Bob died, and read my journaling at that time. Now I am grieving again. I think I need to leave the past in the past. I just get sad all over again.

Anyhow, the cake is cooling and when it's cool, I'll ice it.

More later....

I did that. I got it iced and then I spent an hour or so raking leaves in the middle of the fourplex and bagging them. It looks good again now. Then after the mail came, I read my Consumer Reports Health Newsletter. 

Then I went out to WalMart and bought myself some chai. I like to have a cup after my cup of coffee in the morning and after I have my yogurt in the evening.Bob called. He is not feeling up to coming over this evening so I fixed myself a cup of Chai and watched TV until 7:30. Then I went to bed. I was very tired.

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