Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out.

Missy is still having problems getting around. It's not so bad just walking...although I can see she is slower and hesitant. But she cannot jump up on least not easily. It appears she has not much strength in her hindquarters.

I went on to breakfast with Bob and when I got home I looked for her and she was up on the daybed. is a lot taller then the recliner..even with me in it. Yet, somehow, she got up there. That is her favorite place nowadays.

In about ten minutes, I will leave for Independence. I will meet my daughter at the museum up there to look at Christmas crafts and decorations at three different locations. I probably won't buy anything. I didn't last year. But I like to look anyhow.

Bob is having some trouble with his hip again. he finally heard from his doctor that he has a deteriorating disk in his back and the nerve is extending out of it and being pinched. He has an appointment with Dr. Hsu to discuss the options on December 21st. Denise will go with him. I will be in Florida at that time. He had a bad day yesterday. For several days it had been a lot better and then he walked around our Walmart store yesterday afternoon and aggravated it and it hurt again last evening. This morning it appeared to be alright again. He just can't do a lot of walking or it starts hurting again.

It's time for me to leave so I'll get back to this later today when I get back home..

More later...

Got home just in time to leave for Independence to check out the Christmas Bazaars there. I met Leslie and we walked through five of them but neither of us bought anything. We neither one of us have room for anything else. But it was fun to look anyhow.

I got back home about 11:00.

More even later...

I called Bob and asked him if he was still interested in going to Joplin. he was. So I picked him up and we went over to Joplin. I wanted to go to Christmas shop. I only lack the little girls now and I am going to buy them books.

After the shopping,We went to Olive Garden to have soup and salad for lunch with raspberry tea. Everything was very good but they were swamped. We sat near a very noisy family who kept our waiter scurrying. We had a late lunch. We got out of Olive Garden at 3:00.

When I got Bob home to his apartment to take his nap, I went home and rested up too. He came over that evening and watched the news with me and when he went home, Missy and I watched TV until we went to bed. She is still crippling around.   Her hindquarters seem to be the problem. They seem to have lost their strength.

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