Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday and Ministerial Alliance.

I had another good night's sleep last night. Funny thing...Last night Missy tried and tried to get up on the little footstool I leave at the foot of the bed so she could get on the foot of the bed but just could not make it. Finally I got up and lifted her up. She lay right down and went to sleep.

This morning, she couldn't get down so I lifted her down. She cried out like she was hurting.

She did finally follow me into the bathroom to lie on the bathmat and watch me get ready for the day.  I got her breakfast and mine but when I went in to check the e-mail, she couldn't get up on the daybed.  So I lifted her up there. I watched her all morning. I was afraid she was failing fast. She didn't act right. I opened the back door so the sunshine could come in on her rug and she laid in the sun for as long as the sun shown in there. Finally, it warmed up a bit and I went out to clean the leaves out of my flowerbed. She wanted out so I let her out. She was still limping but she lay in the place in the flowerbed that I left bare for her and watched me clean up the leaves. I hated to go to Alliance meeting and leave her  but I had made a reservation so I went on and just made her a palate on the floor.

When I got home she was up on the daybed. I don't know how she managed that. When I went into the kitchen, she jumped down and followed me in there.  She doesn't seem to be limping any more. What a change!

I'll watch her. She may have just temporarily hurt herself trying to jump into that recliner. I thought she was not long for this world this morning. You never know!

Anyhow, we had a good lunch at Alliance. Bob went to Sirloin Stockade to visit with some friends who eat there every day.  Afterward I went to Equity Bank and paid my rent.

I took some brownies over to Marilyn R. I can't eat them all and Bob doesn't like brownies.

In about 30 minutes Missy will be wanting her treats. Then we will see how she is doing.

More later...

She was subdued all evening but when it came time for her to lie on my lap, she managed to jump up there. Then when we went to bed at 9:00, she managed to jump up on the footstool and get on the bed. Maybe she's going to be alright after all. 


Sister--Three said...

So glad missy just had a little set back. I was afraid to read on
Through your post. But was glad when I read she was better.
Missy is old like many of us. She has been a faithful companion!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, she is. I am so glad she was able to jump up on the footstool and sleep with me last night.