Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday and Bar B Q

I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. How unusual that is. It is cold this morning so I am wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Today I will vacuum the apartment. The living room carpet really needs to be cleaned but there is no longer anyone in the area that does the dry cleaning and I sure don't want water on the carpet.  There used to be a young man that lived over at Tyro that had a dry cleaning machine and it leaves the carpet just like new....and dry. Unfortunately he moved to California. I got the living room, hall and den vacuumed. I will do the dining room and my bedroom tomorrow.

At 11:00 I will pick Bob up and then we will pick up Karan and will drive over to Sedan to eat lunch at Buck's Bar B Q. My Bob and I used to go over there every month and take Leslie to lunch. That was when she worked as the accountant at the greenhouse over there. I have only been there once since he died.

I don't have a plan for the afternoon so I may read my book.

More later....

We had a great lunch at Buck's in Sedan, Kansas. Karan and I had the small Bar B Q Ribs plate. Thanks goodness it wasn't the large one!  We also had dessert. I have blackberry cobbler with a dip of vanilla ice cream and Karan had a piece of chocolate caramel pie. Both were excellent! Bob was wise. He had the chicken strip special. It was very good too. They were huge plates though.

More later...I am going to go check my mail!

No mail today!

I lay down with Missy to watch TV this afternoon and fell asleep off and on. I did take her out later but it was too chilly for her. At 5:15, Bob came to watch the news with me and when he came Missy and I came back in. He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and lay back down with Missy for awhile until I found nothing to watch on TV except the weather channel. I will play Freecell Solitaire until 9:00 and then take my Zyrtec and go to bed. It was a big day.

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