Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday and A Very Busy Day

Today will be exceptionally busy. First I will bake the coffeecake for the Church School class at church and then later in the afternoon, after lunch at "Just Us", I will do my newsletters and then finally, I will bake a pineapple upside down cake.  I will also need to find a free moment to vacuum the living room again.

The Living the Questions group will be here at 7:00 and I will also need to get some ice cream at Braums for those who think they need something gluten free and won't eat anything with flour in it. I will go pick up Gary at 6:40.  Bob will be here by then to let the others in.

All in all it will be very busy.

So, more later....

The service was good today. We had a small congregation but numbers never count.

The class went well. I will be presiding next Sunday and Karan will be speaking.

I got the newsletters out and the ones that had to be printed and sent by snail mail are out on the mailbox.

I got the upside down cake finished and it worked out fine. I had a lot more then I needed tonight so will have to give some of it away. l will have it for dessert following our soup tomorrow and then give some of it to Marilyn R. too.

I never did get to Braums for the ice cream though. So Joyce had nothing but water. I hated that but she waved it off. Everyone else ate pineapple upside down cake.

I got Gary delivered back home. I am concerned abut him. His COPD is so bad I don't know how long he will last. He struggles to even walk.

I will not be up for long. I am utterly exhausted tonight. It has been a huge day!

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