Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day and Juanita's Doctor Appointment

Today will be another busy day. I will take Bob to his sister's house and get my hair done just before  9:00 or thereabouts.  I will pick up Juanita at 9:15 and take her to her doctor's appointment. After I take her home I will write a check for her car insurance and take it to the post office to mail it off. It's due on the 2nd of May. Then I will pick Bob up and we will go to Great China for lunch. After that, he wants to go to their Walmart Superstore to get something he can't find at ours.

It was another good night's sleep. I have been taking that Zyrtec before bed. That keeps my sinus' dried up so I can sleep.

This evening I offer the invocation at the city commission meeting at 6:30. I will stay for the entire meeting and see what's going on with the city and to see if they conduct themselves like professionals. Sometimes they get downright rude with one another. That's a shame.

More later...

I took Bob to his sister's house and then got my hair done. After that, I went to Juanita's and wrote her insurance check. Then I took Juanita to the doctor...that took awhile.   Wee sat in the reception room for 45 minutes for a 9:30 appointment. Then we sat in the operatory for After all, she is 95 years old. They should not keep her waiting that long.

I picked up Bob at 10:50 and we went to Great China to eat. I did not have time to balance her checkbook. I will go back up after exercise class in the morning to do that.

Bob wanted to buy some new blades for his electric shaver. Neither Walmart store had them. They said we could buy them online and not pay any freight if we ordered it shipped to the store. When I logged on to their website though, it said any order over $35.00 was free of freight if shipped to the store. That's NOT what their advertising says nor what the store clerk said. That is false advertising!

More even later...

We went to the city commission meeting this evening and it was a joke. Our commissioners,  all but one, perhaps two, are simple minded. They have no decorum in their meetings and they are simply embarrassing to watch.  Two of the five voted not to fund Four County Mental Health because they would rather give the funds to "prevention" programs.   Luckily, the other three voted to fund the program but not before they grilled the program director embarrassingly.

We got back home shortly before the storm hit and we had lots of rain but no hail.  I went on to bed and even though she was frightened, Missy soon came in too and hopped up on the bed. 

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marlu said...

That is discouraging to have to wait so long for an appointment. Our clinic has signs that tell you to notify the receptionist if your wait is more than 15 minutes. We usually don't have to wait more than ten minutes, at the most.