Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday and a Dental Appointment

I slept well again last night. I took a Zyrtec tablet before I went to bed. That always helps!  I got up after 5:00 and dressed and got ready for my dental appointment. It's just a cleaning and exam. I don't expect a problem of any kind.

I fed Missy and myself and am working on the blog. As soon as it gets light I will go outside with Missy. It rained last night and we are under a flood watch/warning now.  We have a 50% chance of more rain.  It is also supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.

I did get my bed stripped and the sheets and pillow cases in the washer. It is all in the dryer now. That may be the only thing I get done today.  I do need to get the video Bob wants to see tonight. It is "Florence". I also need to stop by Stan's and get some more batteries for the hearing aid. I have just one left.  

It's light now. I will get back to this later and now I will take Missy outside. More later....

Well, it was raining again. So we came back in the apartment.  She wanted to wander off anyhow. I Had to restrain her from going down into one of those culverts. My sheets were dry I remade the bed and drank my cup of chai latte.

Now I am catching up on my blog and reading my kids Facebook stuff.  I will leave for the dentist in about thirty minutes. I hope it won't be raining. I will wear my oldest shoes anyhow...just in case.

Well, the dental appointment went new problems. It was $90.00 though just for a exam.

After that, I came home and fixed lunch...leftover Sloppy Joes with shoestring potatoes. We also had Coke with it.  After Bob left I planted my new tomato plant and then went to V&S Variety for a video for tonight.  I also stopped by Stan's and bought a new box of hearing aid batteries.  That's the first box I have bought since buying the hearing aid.

Now I have come home to wait for the mail. I seldom get anything but trash mail.

Soon I will lie down with Missy and watch TV and maybe fall asleep too.

Bob will come over this evening to watch the video. It is Meryl Street's movie "Florence". I saw it at Scott and Ginger's last December. It was funny.

Leslie will bring me a tomato cage on Saturday when she comes to pick me up for the group 3 meeting at Joplin. 

More later...

One of my friends on a blog was telling us she loved Fiesta ware. It is so colorful. I have   Noritake myself. I bought it when I worked at Blackledge Sales Company back in the 70's. I took a photo of it but for some reason, it won't download . Maybe the battery is weak. I'll change it out and try again.

That worked! It was the battery! Luckily I have a spare! Anyhow, you can see how colorful this pattern is. It is called Roanoke. It is a part of their Versatone II collection. It has been long out of stock but can be found online.

More later...

I stood out on the carport and visited with my neighbors for half an hour and then came back in the apartment to look for Missy. I could not find her! Then I realized she had gone out with me too. She had wandered off as I was visiting and not paying any attention. The neighborhood is full of stray cats. I started hunting for her calling her name over and over again. I had just about given up when I say her out on Lewark three houses down at someone's garage. When she called me she came to me but she did not want to go home. So I picked her up hissing and growling all the awhile, and carried her back to Morgan street, being careful to stay out of reach of those claws and teeth. Once there, she made a mighty leap and jumped out of my arms. She cried out in pain as she jumped to the pavement but she did come on home as I clapped my hands at her ...she was growling all the way. What a close call! She could have been badly hurt if one of those young large strays had found her. 

Bob came over at 5:15 and watched the news with me and then we watched "Florence". It was funny. As soon as Bob left I took my bath and soon Missy and I went to bed.   


Sister--Three said...

I have fiesta and yours is much prettier!

Margie's Musings said...

Well, thank you Sister-Three. I have had mine since the 70's. But they still work!