Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday and a Memoral Memorial Day

I slept pretty well last night.  I got up at 5:00 to begin another busy day. I will need to get Missy's breakfast and my own and then make up my baked beans for the dinner at John and Leslie's today and the cake for the Christian Church's dinner tomorrow in Independence. Leslie has invited Jeromy's family and me out for a cookout. She is having a loaded potato salad, ribs, hamburgers and homemade ice cream for dessert. We will eat around noon.

After lunch,  later, around 3:00, we will leave for Neodesha to meet with the family at 4:00 to see them and the viewing for Greg.

Maybe I have mentioned that Johnna's husband, Greg, was killed last Monday by the man he had hired to do his mowing for his trailer property in Independence. The man had just been released from jail and found that Greg had hired another man to do the mowing. He was also high on drugs. Evidently he was irate about it and shot Greg. Greg kept his equipment there at the trailer park because he was a pilot for a company in Independence. He kept his plane at the airport in Neodesha. That's where tomorrow's funeral will be the airport in Neodesha at 2:00. The viewing today is to be at the Loren Fawcett Funeral Home in Neodesha. We will take our food for after the funeral tomorrow to Johnna's home in Neodesha before we go to the airport for the service. Johnna is one of our three pastors at church. ..the one representing the Neodesha area.  Our congregation serves the Neodesha area, the Independence area, and the Coffeyville area.

So today will be busy too. More later...

Well the cake is  out of the oven and cooling. The beans are in the oven and cooking.

Everett just called from Ardmore, Oklahoma. He is on his way home to Houston, Texas. He says he is half way.  He says the urns on my folks graves are broken and I need to get them off the graves. I will go out there and take care of that as soon as the beans are out of the oven. I'm glad he let me know. If they didn't decorate my folks' graves, I will go out to Walmart and get some wreathes. I hadn't got that done yet. But today is Memorial Day so I still have time. 

I have the cake iced and Karan brought me hers. Bob is baking his now. Tomorrow I will have to stop at the church and pick up Phyllis'. She put it in the freezer out there.

I made it to the cemetery and found the folks' graves. Everett and Tricia had decorated the graves but those broken urns were too much for me to handle.  I couldn't even lift them so I rolled them off their broken bases. I will call the sexton later in the week and ask him to pick them up and dispose of them.

In about an hour, I will go out to John and Leslie's and take my baked beans for the dinner out there.

Right now, I want to vacuum the living room and perhaps the dining room.  So, more later...

I got the dining room and living room vacuumed and the sweeper needed new bags.  So I left for the Independence Walmart (the only open store for vacuum bags) to find the vacuum bags. Then I went on out to John and Leslie's.  Leslie had invited Jeromy, (their son) and his family too. Leslie made some great potato salad and I had made baked beans and they were good too. But John's hamburgers and his ribs were wonderful. To top it all off, Leslie had made some wonderful homemade ice cream. I had two bowls of that. All in all it was a fine meal and I brought home some leftovers for later in the week.

At 3:00, we went out to our church to meet Karan and to leave hers and my cars.  Then we took Leslie's SUV to Neodesha to the viewing at 4:00 and a chance to see Johnna and her family.  I gave Johnna a big hug and of course she cried. I advised her to allow herself to grieve. As we expected, Johnna was devastated.  It was a horrible way to lose a husband. Murder!

We got back home by 5:00 and I was very tired. Bob came over for awhile. He left shortly after 6:30. I took my bath and am ready for bed as soon as this is finished. What a day! Tomorrow will be another big one!

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