Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday and Exercises and Another Funeral

I slept well again last night. The Chia I had before bed may have helped. It has milk in it.

I got around and got ready for my day and swept off the carport and went out and got gas and washed my car as well. When I got home, Missy was in my chair...again. She knows I don't want her there but she insists.

I just had a text from my daughter. Her best friend and a very good friend of mine as well, just lost her mother this morning to Alzheimer's.  She was my age. Her 82nd birthday would have been in August. Mine is in December. There are no arrangements yet but I am sure there will be another funeral soon.  That will be so hard on Cyndi! Her mother has been in a nursing home in Ponca City for several years. Her brother lives there and he wanted their mother near him.

More later...I want to go get a card for Cyndi.

I got two cards. One from the congregation and one from me. (I send out the congregation's cards)  I got them both ready to go out on the mailbox before I picked up Bob for exercise class. After exercise class, we went to Utopia for Utopiachino and cinnamon rolls....both delicious.  I put the small extra one in my freezer for later.

I need to get the oven on for the warmed up hamburger pie. So more later...

We had lunch and the hamburger pie and jello salad worked fine. I took what was left of it to Marilyn R across the way from me.

I just stepped out to the patio and saw that my lilies that Leslie sent me last year are now in full bloom. I took this photo of them. After they finished blooming in the house last year, I planted them in the flowerbed.  Just look at how they look with those petunias and that yellow rosebush!

More later....

Bob came over to to read the paper and left after we watched Brooks and Shields on PBS. They are always so good at analyzing the latest news.

After he left, I took my bath and lay with Missy on the sofa and watched TV until 9:00..when we both went to bed.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

So sorry about your friend but YOU are sharp as a tack, thank the Lord. The flowers look quite lovely! :)

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your flowerbed with the yellow rose is so pretty. The lily is perfect there. I hope it will bloom real soon for you again this year.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Deb. Sometimes I don't FEEL sharp as a tack!

And, Susie, thanks for the complement on the flowerbed. I need to do something more about the other one.

Sister--Three said...

I love the flowers in your garden. I have a few of these white Liles mine look rather dull. They probably need fertilizer.