Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises Again

I slept like a log last night. I was totally exhausted. I never woke up even once.

This morning I will go to exercise class and then afterward, fix hamburger pie for lunch. We will have potatoes and a veggie with it and Bob will bring a salad. I have chocolate pudding for dessert.

I want to finish my vacuuming this morning after the exercise class. I still have my bedroom and the den and the hall to vacuum. Then I will dust again. Maybe after that, I can get rested up. Missy has spent most of the last two days alone...poor old kitty.  Tomorrow, I have the ministerial alliance meeting but that's only an hour or so.

Bob wants to go to Joplin on Saturday. I don't know if it will rain or not. If it doesn't, we will probably go. He wants to eat at Olive Garden. The forecast is for rain but that's here. I don't know what the Joplin forecast for Saturday is.

I will go in right now and get Missy's breakfast and mine and get back to this later.

We're had our breakfasts and even been outside briefly. The backyard fence across the street  has been broken in a place about a foot wide and they have set some sort of wooden crate against the hole to keep Twitch in. He's their boxer dog.  That worries fact anything strange out there worries her. She wanted back in because of it. There's no sunshine yet anyhow and she likes to go out when the sun is shining and lie in the sunshine.

I'm still awfully tired from this tiring and stressful week. I hope to get rested up today. ...maybe this afternoon after I get the vacuuming finished.

So more later...

I did the exercise class and then came home and vacuumed the bedroom and den and hall. Now everything is clean.   It won't be clean for long. Missy lives here and scatters her hair everywhere. I washed the afghan she sleeps on at night on my bed and it left a pile of cat hair in the washer and in the screen in the dryer. I got that all cleaned up. I hope it doesn't stop up my washer drain. I will wash it every two weeks now instead of just putting it through the dryer every two weeks on "fresh air" setting.

Shortly, I will go and start lunch.

Lunch was good and I have enough left for Friday. Tomorrow I will go to Ministerial Alliance for lunch and the meeting.

I will lay down with Missy this afternoon if I can find anything worth watching on TV.

So more later...I hear her scratching on her litter box. I am, after all, her staff!

Bob came over about 5:30 and parked in the Simmon's spot. We are forecast for rain and perhaps hail. We got the rain...big time! But no hail.

Bob left at 6:30 and I took my bath and watched TV with Missy until 8:30 when I went to bed. I was sery tired. 


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