Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday and Minsterial Alliance.

I slept poorly last night and finally got some good sleep between 3:00AM and 5:30AM.  My right leg ached most of the night. I took a med under my tongue at 3:00 which was supposed take care of the leg aches but I couldn't tell that helped. It will be a long day. I am going to attend Ministerial Alliance at noon. Bob will be on his own for lunch, That must not be a problem. He has had breakfast out too the past week or so. We have hamburger pie for tomorrow with his jello salad. I offered it to him for lunch today but he didn't want it.

I have been watching the CBS news this morning.  I am not too energetic today. Thank goodness I got my housework done earlier in the week.

More later....

Bob came for a little while but then went home to get something done there.

I went on to the bank and made my rent payment.

I called Dr. Burch's office about my red eyes and they gave me a time about 2:00 to see him.  I went on to Ministerial Alliance and afterward went on over to Caney to see Roger. Roger thinks it may just be allergies and my dry eyes but he gave me a prescription for some drops. It's a $39.00 experiment. If it helps that will be good, if it doesn't, well, I've wasted money on other things.  Leslie said they looked pretty bad. Three people remarked on it so they must have looked bad. I'm pretty oblivious about such stuff.

Roger wanted me to go by their new library and check it out. I did.. but it was closed Thursday afternoons. I also stopped by Nancy's but she was not home.

I stopped at Scott's and bought a small coke to drink on the way home. I was dry.

When I got home, I stopped by the Medicine Shoppe to pick up the prescription and then came on home to take Missy out for a while. She felt it was too hot and wanted back in the apartment. So I came back in too.

More later... I am to put a drop in each eye four times a day and then Roger will call me Saturday morning to see if that helps. For $39.00 I hope it does.

More later...
 This creed makes sense to me but I'm not an atheist!:Image may contain: text

I have used the drops twice now. I'll use them in the morning and again at lunch and suppertime and bedtime on Friday. Roger will call me Saturday morning to see how things are going.

It's nearly 9:00 now and Missy and I will just go to bed.. 

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