Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday and Another Trip to Bartlesville

I didn't sleep much last night. I went to bed at 9:00 and awoke at 10:00 with terrible cramps in my left foot. I had to get up and take a couple of pills that go under my tongue. That stopped the pain but I was off and on with sleep the rest of the night. I finally just got up at 4:00. I had way too much on my mind to sleep. There's this appointment this morning to replace the pulley in my seat belt, the fact that I need to get my passport before next June, the appointment on Monday at KU Med Center in Kansas City to discuss the possibility of having my bladder surgery done over there.  Just way too much on my mind.

I will need to get dressed pretty soon if I am going to leave at 8:00 for Bartlesville. This evening I will need to pack some things for my overnight stay Friday evening at the priesthood retreat over at the campgrounds.  I also want to go out to Leslie and John's to take John's birthday gift to him this morning, His birthday is today. And also I need to stop at Walgreens in Independence for my thyroid meds. I'm down to my last pill.

I will fix spaghetti for lunch this morning when I get home from all that. Then there's the 80+ birthday party at the senior center at 1:00. I hope I can get all that done today.

So, there will need to more added here later.

Bob went with me to Bartlesville to the Honda agency. We got there at 8:50...ten minutes early. At 11:30, I asked the service manager how much longer it was going to be and he said it would be some time. That installing the new seat belt assembly was a big deal. They have to take the seat out and also take a panel off the wall of the vehicle. I had no idea how big a deal that was. It was cold in that waiting room and twice I got up and walked outside to warm up.

Finally at 11:45, he offered to provide us a ride to Eggberts there in Bartlesville since Bob had not had breakfast.  We got back to the agency about 12:30. It was another half hour before we got the keys. I didn't know what to expect when the service manager brought me the keys. It turns out the whole thing was free. I was delighted to have a freebee. I am going to write then a nice thank you note.

More later...

I had not been home very long when Dr. Burch's office called to say my contacts were in. I will need to run back over there to get them because  it would be Wednesday before I could pick them up. I will be leaving tomorrow morning for the weekend retreat and Monday, Leslie and I will be in Kansas City for my doctor's appointment for my consultation. Tuesday I will be in Independence for my hair appointment.

Bob came about 5:00 to watch the news and while he was here, Keith called to say he would be going to Cairo, Egypt, the last of this month for a week for his job.  We had a nice visit.

After Bob left shortly after 6:00, I took my bath and Missy and I watched PBS for awhile until 9:00, when Missy and I went on to bed. I was very tired!

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