Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday and Big Cheese for Lunch

I slept pretty well last night but got up at 4:30. I guess I got my sleep  out.

In about two hours I will pick up Bob to go to Independence and get my hair done. I will pick him up at 8:20 and drive to Independence to get my hair done and drop him off at his sister Betty's for his visit. When I am finished I will pick him back up and we will kill some time until Big Cheese opens at 11:00. Then we will eat and go back to Coffeyville and I will take him to his home.

I don't have a plan for the afternoon. Maybe I will do some laundry..

Honda of Bartlesville called to say my seat belt  pulley was in and gave me an appointment for Thursday morning at 9:00 AM to get it installed.  So I will make another trip to Bartlesville on Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon there is a dinner at the senior center at 1:15 for a luncheon with entertainment. I want to make that.

More later...

Instead this afternoon Missy and I took a nap.  Now I will do some laundry. So even more later...

Keith called while Bob and I were watching the news and I visited with him awhile. He has posted some photos from the past of our family and I "stole" one of them when my Bob was still alive and Lelsie graduated from college a few years back.

Dad, Leslei and Mom.jpg

That was a few years ago. We all went to her graduation services. She was the speaker that evening. We were all so proud of her.

Bob A., my brother-in-law, left to go home after the news was over.

It's 7:00 PM now and time for me to take my bath and get my PJ's on.  I will go to bed at 9:00  but that will be awhile yet.


Sister--Three said...

This the first photo I have seen of your Bob. Puts a face to his name.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true. He was a fine man. I loved him dearly and miss him every day. He died in 2010 of undiagnosed squamous cell carcinoma. He was finally diagnosed the week before he died. One of the many reasons why I have very little confidence in doctors.