Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Better Night and House Cleaning Day

I slept pretty well last night but woke up at 4:00AM  and couldn't get back to sleep. So I just got up.

I dressed for the day, fed Missy and myself and when it got light out, we went out and I watered my flowers. Missy stayed close by so I let her out with me three times. She seems satisfied now in the apartment....just lying here at my feet.

I will clean the apartment today but will wait until after the CBS news which comes on at 8:00. I have all day to get it done.

I am thinking of taking the foam pad out from under the mattress pad. It may be the problem instead of the mattress itself.  I really think it is restless Missy who sleeps next to me.

One more week until Leslie and I go to Tulsa to catch my plane for my trip to Seattle. The plane takes off at 6:00AM so I will have to get up at 3:00AM  since it is an hour and a half trip to Tulsa. I will pack the night before. The first leg of the trip is to Denver.

More later...

I got quite a bit done this morning. I cleaned both the bathroom and kitchen floors, ran the sweeper everywhere but the bedroom (Missy was sleeping in there) I will get that room later. I went to Arby's and bought a chicken sandwich for my lunch, picked up the prescription I ordered yesterday and then forgot to pick up, and stopped by US Cellular to have malware taken off my phone.

Then I came back home.  I had already dusted earlier this week so I don't need to do that again.

It is lightly raining now and that has cooled everything down.

More even later...

Nancy called and had to cancel our lunch date for tomorrow. She has been throwing up all day and hasn't stopped yet.  This is the second time in a month that she has been sick. She doesn't have a doctor anymore and all they have in Caney is a clinic. I recommended Dr. Christiansen,,,Bob A's doctor. She has another friend that uses him so she may break down and call him. She really needs to find out what's going on with her health.  So I will be free tomorrow.

Missy and I went out a couple more times while it was so cool. It rained softly off and on all afternoon. When the paper came I read it and worked the crossword puzzle.  I had yogurt for my supper.

At 7:00 I took my bath and lay down with Missy to watch "Nature" and a couple of episodes of "Frasier". At 9:00 we went to bed.

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