Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Grandchildren

We have three great grandchildren now. We seldom see them because we live aways away from them. But our grand daughter is good about updating our pictures now and then. Yesterday, she sent us this picture among others. This one to the right shows two of our great grand children.

Christina, our grand daughter, says they will be here Thanksgiving. The two year old is Mia and belongs to Christina and and the baby is Isabel, who belongs to Sara, her sister.

The older one at the bottom is Sage who is four. She will be five next month. She belongs to our grandson, who lives closest.He lives fifteen miles away in Independence, Kansas. Unfortunately the child is with her mother who lives in
Manhattan, Kansas. Jeromy, our grandson, gets her one weekend
a month.

We get to see more of Sage then the other two. In fact, Isabel, the baby, lives in Houston and we have never seen her yet. When Sage is here, her father brings her to church. She is very shy and doesn't have a lot to say.


Judy said...

The children are so cute. I know you would like to see them all more often. I love your house. It looks like a really nice house. It looks about the size of mine. I sure don't want anymore to take care of at my age. Your children are wonderful children and that is all that matters at this stage of the game.

Kelly said...


I agree with Judy, you have a lovely home and if you are anything like me, you don't want to take care of a huge house anymore-all that additional work...blahhh... We've been there and done that! Your grandchildren and great-grandchidren are adorable!

One great thing as well, is that the grandkids and great-grandkids and all for that matter, will always have this blog that when they are older, they will be able to read and know how much you love and miss them and how important they are to you!!! It is clear that you are so loving and adore them dearly. This way they will always know and will be able to have such insight into the great people that you are through your words and photos!

Anyway, I was first writing you back about Medicine Park. We would have never known about it either had we not been on our way to Dallas and happened to notice a billboard for a store in town! It caught our eye and we decided that on our way back home to OKC, we'd make the time to stop and check it out. Like I said in the post, we have been going back several times for years!

Hate to keep going on and on, but I enjoy your blog so much. I think I told you I have lots of family in KS and I've lived in Wichita and KC and in addition to that we are "neighbors" (lol)...

OK, stopping for now! :)

Margie's Musings said...

Oh Judy and Kelly, you both are such nice people. I wish we could meet sometime and really get acquainted.

I would love to see Medicine Park, Kelly.

Judy, our house is about 1260 square feet. It's three bedrooms and one and a half baths. I guess I just miss a great room. My living room is only 15 feet square.